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ATTENTION: We are no longer accepting new applications for drop shipping cannabis at this time

Cannabis Drop Shipping in Canada for Marijuana Products

Cannabis Drop Shipping Canada

At we are trying to be awesome in everything that we do, pushing the barriers and norms, and bringing everyone together through positivity.

This includes empowering small business owners across Canada who happen to be in the Cannabis industry, to reach a wide audience and sell their products in volume. While at the same time, we offer our own drop shipping services for all of the products that we offer.

In this capacity, we provide a 2-way marijuana drop shipping system.

1) If you own, operate, or work for a Cannabis business in Canada, and you want to reach a wider audience with your products, we will add your products to our online store at, and when an item sells, we eTransfer you the money, you ship the product, and we keep a small commission

2) If you want to start selling any of the products that we have, on your business website, we can do the drop shipping from our end, and you manage the client payment and transferring us the difference in funds, prior to us sending the mail order marijuana product out to the client

*We hope to emulate a similar business structure to that of , but specifically for the Canadian Cannabis industry. Everything in Canada related to Cannabis on one website, as an example.

Drop shipping in the Canadian Cannabis industry is currently uncommon, due to a lack of trust and regulations, but we hope to break down the barriers of trust and get everyone working together seamlessly in a unified fashion. You can learn more about the business model Drop shipping.

As the Cannabis industry moves towards legalization and regulation for recreational use, the drop shipping element of the mail order business marketplace will of course be growing and require a strong foundation.

At we hope to be the main location for drop shipping any and all Cannabis products throughout Canada.

If you want to get involved with, please use the contact form or navigate to the vendors page for more information.