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Before you check out all the incredible products and services that we offer, we have some legal stuff for you to puff on.

Legal notice: is a technology platform that connects vendors with buyers. We do not touch product, we process information, and streamline customer service for boutique businesses across Canada who handle fulfillment and shipping themselves directly. Similar to how Amazon functions, we have suppliers who ship everything. All of our vendors are screened through a quality assurance process.

For more information please contact us. is Canada’s leading mail order marijuana provider nationally. is the only marijuana business website in Canada that offers a diversity of services. These services aren’t only focused on the consumer and patient. also offers services for businesses within the cannabis industry all across Canada.

Knowledge Is Power

-Knowledge will help you to make a more informed decision. is here to make the growing cannabis industry in Canada more transparent. We offer detailed ingredient and dosage information about the products you’re buying.

-All of the products offered by will include clear information outlining dosage levels, cannabis strains utilized in production and the specifics of what goes into each product.

-This allows the consumer the advantage of knowing exactly what is in the products you are purchasing. While some of the products in the selection offered by are very traditional, almost everything that we offer is Organic and/or Vegan based.

Certified Lab Cannabis Testing

In addition to thoroughly testing all of the products offered in our consumer direct online store, also offers cannabis testing for all of Canada. currently offers terpene testing, potency testing, microbiological testing, and residual solvent testing. Not only do we ensure that the products we offer our clientele are of the highest quality, but we’re also helping other manufacturers and suppliers ensure the same about their products.

Delectable Cannabis Edibles

Edibles are all the rave these days for both recreational consumers as well as medical marijuana patients. Unfortunately, virtually everything on the market in Canada is just a few ingredients away from causing you diabetes. This is why the majority of our edibles are Vegan and/or Organic. This allows us to provide a much healthier alternative to an already natural and delectable consumption option. The majority of our edibles are made the day before they ship. Since most of them are health friendly, they can be consumed as mid-day guilt free snacks.

Experience and Understanding is What Offers

After years in the Canadian cannabis industry, knows what patients, retail consumers and business owners alike need. They need, want and deserve the very best. is here to provide you with just that. The very best when it comes to all things cannabis. always has the products and services available that you need.

We look forward to making the cannabis industry in Canada a rewarding and transparent place for everyone!

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