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Bud Sample Box

“AAAA” Bud Sample Box (28g / 1oz.)

4.67 out of 5
Sale Granddaddy Purple Shatter Taste of BC Online Cannabis Canada Dabs

“AAAA” Granddaddy Purple Shatter (Taste of BC)

$45.00 $40.00 per gram
Taste of BC Shatter 4-pack Online Canada Dispensary

“AAAA” Taste of BC Shatter Sample Pack (4g) (Taste of BC)

$140.00 per gram

Afghani Kush Buds

$11.25 per gram

Alien Dawg Buds

5 out of 5
$11.75 per gram

Blackberry Kush Buds

$11.25 per gram

Blue Cheese Buds

5 out of 5
$11.75 per gram

Blueberry Buds

$11.50 per gram
Organic Bubba Kush Cannabi Strain Buds

Bubba Kush Buds

$11.00 per gram
Chemo Marijuana Strain Buds 4

Chemo Buds

$11.25 per gram
CanaDrank THC Tincture with BHO Canada Dispensary

Classic Tropical Grape CanaDrank, 600mg (VIP Edibles)

$40.00 per gram

Diamond OG Buds

5 out of 5
$11.50 per gram