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Why Phoenix Tears, and what is it for?

Phoenix Tears is a full spectrum high THC or high CBD extracted and purified oil cannabis oil. It’s found to be anti-cancerous and extremely effective at countering the effects of Multiple Sclerosis (MS) as well as diabetes. Each year 14 million people are diagnosed with cancer globally, and over 7.6 million people annually die from this devastating disease. If one in two men and one in three women will contract cancer in their life time, you probably know or have lost someone who was plagued with this desolating disease. You can treat yourself in 3 ways:

  • Topically – Used for treating skin related issues like skin cancers
  • Indigestible – Good treating for internal diseases like MS, or internal cancers
  • Vaporizing – Good for treating internal diseases like MS, or internal cancers


1. Cancer (Brain, Lung, Prostate etc.) and other terminal illnesses

It takes a person about 90 days on average to ingest the full 60 gram treatment. Simpson recommends started with three doses per day, each the size of half a piece of short grain rice. After you become accustomed to it (generally about 4 days) you can double the medicine. It generally takes people about 5 weeks to build up to 1 gram a day. Once at this dose, they should continue to take it until their cancer disappears. The oil will do two things, it will either cure your cancer, or if it’s too late, will lessen the pain so you can die with dignity.

2. Skin Cancer

If made correctly, cannabis oil will kill skin cancer. Simply apply the oil topically to the area and cover with a bandaid. Keep re-applying and bandaging the area every three to four days. The skin cancer should vanish. After the cancer has disappeared treat the area for an additional two weeks to ensure all cancer cells are dead. Rick Simpson’s skin cancer disappeared in 4 days, and severe cases can take up to 3 weeks. Cannabis oil can also be applied to unhealthy warts and moles using the same method.

For more information on dosages and treatment , please click here.

3. Diabetes

Cannabis Oil rejuvenates vital organs like the pancreas. Many diabetics find that after six weeks of ingesting the oil, they no longer need their insulin injections because their pancreas is functioning optimally.

4. Glaucoma

Cardiac surgeon Dr. Thomas Orvald says the treatment for glaucoma involves relieving the painful pressure from the globe of the eye. One of the many benefits of Phoenix Tears is that it has the capacity to decrease intraocular pressure and preserve the eye’s retina, which protects the eye from damage and blindness. Cannabis oil has an advantage over pharmaceutical drugs because the variety of cannabinoids (THC and CBD) are far superior to synthetic, single-ingredient medications.

5. Chronic Pain

Rick Simpson says there is not better medicine for chronic pain than cannabis oil. The medical system is infamous for giving chronic pain sufferers addictive and harmful medications. All these medications do is mask their pain. When you take Phoenix Tears it doesn’t just alleviate your pain, it also goes to work on and heal the root cause of your suffering.

6. Detoxification and Weight Loss

Rick Simpson claims cannabis oil is an excellent detoxifier and weight regulator. It’s important to drink a lot of water, as most people are thirsty when taking cannabis oil. Simpson says it is not uncommon for overweight people to loose large amounts of weight. Simpson lost 30 pounds on the oil and now has a physique much like his younger years. Whether you’re over or underweight, the medicine wants your body to return to its optimal state, and will naturally guide you there.

7. Preventative Medicine

Phoenix Tears can also be taken daily as a preventative measure to ward off diseases like cancer. It is recommended to take one gram over the period of a month to maintain your health.


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Where do we ship it to?

We currently ship to everywhere in Canada, including major cities like Calgary, Vancouver, Montreal and Toronto.

How to order online in Canada?

You can simple place an order from any product page and proceed to check out, it’s a very simple and easy way of buying cannabis related products online.




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6 thoughts on “Why Phoenix Tears, and what is it for?

  1. Christa Prenger says:

    Hi. I have Basel cell carcinoma on my Lt cheek. I am considering treatment with THC oil. I also have rheumatoid arthritis which the rheumatic Dr will only Rx pharmaceutical and is against any hemp products. Which product do you suggest for me. Looking at either oil or H2 bio oil.

    1. says:

      Pheonix Tears is the go to for treatment.

    1. says:

      Topically – Used for treating skin related issues like skin cancers
      Indigestible – Good treating for internal diseases like MS, or internal cancers
      Vaporizing – Good for treating internal diseases like MS, or internal cancers

      1. Cody Noel Cody Noel says:

        Vaporizing like “E-Juice”? Or like using a dab rig vaporizing?

  2. Mike Capicio says:

    Had detached retina rt eye last year & had 2 surgeries within 6wks if the other. Drs said it will take up to a yr to heal but only half way healed & it’s been nearly 13 months. Will the Simpson RSO help speed up healing

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