Introduction: We will require your full name, email address, and phone number, as well as 2 pieces of Government ID before we can answer any of your questions or discuss wholesale Cannabis transactions. Boutique Cannabis does not provide wholesale sales directly, we refer leads from our website to a licensed medical provider of Cannabis to legal dispensaries in Vancouver and Victoria.

*Please read below this contact form for more information, or click here to read wholesale FAQs.

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Wholesale and Bulk Organic Cannabis Buds in Canada

Wholesale Cannabis

Wholesale and bulk Cannabis products are available to registered and licensed dispensaries, compassion clubs, medical programs, research programs for Universities, and similar. We do not sell wholesale Marijuana for personal use. The most personal use Cannabis you can purchase from us in one transaction is 150 grams. This is to ensure that we are within the guidelines established by Health Canada.

All of the wholesale/bulk Cannabis products provided through our platform come from an MMAR/ACMPR grower and producer who services a large number of patients directly. This partner has an MMAR/ACMPR storage license, and many other vendor partners spread across BC, with access to hundreds of products and strains. We do not participate in the packaging or shipping process of these larger purchase requests.

*You will be asked to provide 2 pieces of identification and enough information about the end usage of the Cannabis to satisfy our legal needs to facilitate a sale for you.

Boutique Cannabis is excited to offer the ability to provide you with the worlds best quality, highest potency, and smooth tasting Cannabis products in wholesale and bulk volumes that would be necessary for operating a business.

Whether that be for medical, research, or similar purposes.

The vendors that we work with typically use organic and natural methods for growing their buds. In fact we give favouritism to those vendors who provide products in a healthy and natural format, as nature intended.

The edibles that we sell are made with organic and locally sourced ingredients, and are also available for drop shipping.

If you are seeking CO2 Shatter for medical applications, we offer that and much more.

Wholesale Categories: Cannabis Buds, Extracts, Concentrates, Shatters, Rosin, Hash, Terpenes, Pharma, Oils, Tinctures, Edibles, Topicals, Capsules, Skin Creams, Specialty Items, Rare Hard to Find Strains, Seeds, Health and Wellness Products like Protein Powder, and much more.

Product Grading: Everything we access is AAAA grade quality across the board. We grade our products based on appearance, though the smoking and medicating applications are always AAAA grade. That means you can save money by purchasing less aesthetically pleasing buds that are dime sized, but still have the same epic smoking experience as the better looking buds that are larger. Therefore, A grade buds are just slightly less physically attractive then the AA grade, and so on up to the perfect looking AAAA grade. We do this to ensure that every strain on our website has the ability to be provided in all stages of grading process, and at price points that varying businesses can afford.

Product Packaging: All of the wholesale items that are purchased through our MMAR system, will be packed within a box that is within a box, so double boxed. The inner box will be double vacuum sealed, the outer box is covered in brown shipping paper, and neatly packaged for discretion and security. Great care is taken in the packaging and shipping of your wholesale items to ensure they arrive in a state of perfection.

Shipping Costs: Wholesale shipping costs are $50 across the board for each order, as the costs associated with sending items in a secure and safe manner are nearly that price. Factor in the cost of shipping by adding $50 to the items you receive a quote on.

*We specialize in very hard to find rare, exotic, and unique Cannabis strains.

For more information regarding the wholesale products that we can access through our MMAR/ACMPR suppliers, please contact us using the form above.