What is Solventless Concentrate? 


As the array of cannabis products has expanded, high potency extracts like shatter and rosin have picked up in popularity. The effects of these high potency extracts are reportedly comparable to the pain managing effects of commonly prescribed painkillers such as Morphine,  Percocet or Vicodin, minus undesirable side effects of potential narcotic addiction, constipation, hallucination, and even opioid-induced respiratory depression. Plethoras of common adverse effects make many western pharmaceutical solutions less than ideal treatments for many patients.

With recent increase in the demand for more purified natural products to help with management of acute pain and chronic ailments, producers are now creating the cleanest treatment options, to date.

Solventless Concentrates
Extracts can now easily be made out of organic plant material, using methods much like those used when developing essential oils or other naturopathic products. Solventless extracts are now setting a gold standard in concentrates, making us thrilled with this next level of purity.

Strong concentrates can be achieved using various methods of preparation, from applications of high heat and pressure to intermittent hot/cold treatments utilizing CO2, also known as Short Path Distillation. What consumers love most about solventless extracts is their fresh flavour and aromas, free of any trace amounts of residues of alcohols/butane (solvents). Plant matter is able to be completely isolated from the active components of cannabis, leaving behind only a high concentration of THC and/or CBD.

Another thing that is particularly great about solventless extracts is the variety and ease of use. We offer a wide range of solventless extracts made with premium craft cannabis grown locally in BC.

Select solventless extracts such as kief  can be rolled into joints or smoked in a pipe or bong. Vape pens are available loaded with delicious CO2 extracted cannabis oil from Secret Garden. Solventless shatter, CO2 Oil and Rosin are just 3 examples of concentrates we offer that are vaporized on an oil rig or e-nail for best results. CO2 Distillate can be consumed in a number of ways and has a high THC potency.

…And then there is H2Oil! 
H2Oil is a  whole new ballgame when it comes to extracts. This unique solventless product is entirely natural and made using the full spectrum of the plant. Being water soluble, H2Oil is highly bioavailable, meaning the body is able to absorb and utilize it promptly, and then flush the cannabis once it has served its purpose. Because it is more bioavailable than oil soluble extracts, the active ingredients of cannabis are absorbed more easily, which results in a stronger effect.

So basically, not only is this new natural product water based and solventless, it is also stronger and faster acting. 
H2Oil doses can simply be dissolved in any water-based beverage for easy ingestion. It is highly effective in treating many symptoms and conditions, but may especially be of interest to anyone with malabsorption concerns (ie. those with Crohn’s, IBS, Celiac disease, etc). H2Oil offers us a healthy and natural way of getting a full spectrum cannabis dose for daily use.

Click here for our full list of solventless extracts available for selection.

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