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The THC Dosage Guide: Concentrates, Flower, Edibles and More

The THC Dosage Guide: Concentrates, Flower, Edibles and More

I’d bet a gram that almost all cannabis consumers have gotten uncomfortably high at least once in their life. This is a result of consuming excess amounts of THC, which can be vaporized, smoked or orally ingested. Fortunately, that uncomfortable feeling can be avoided by following the THC dosage guide. The effect of cannabis is dependent on three factors: the mental state of the user, dosage and the type of cannabis consumed, and self (differences in individual’s brain and endo-cannabinoid system). Mental state and self are peculiar to the individual while dosage is objective and can be controlled the recommended dosage varies with the method of consumption. Below is a recommended dosage guide for consumption methods.

Smoking: as a newbie, inhaling once or twice from a joint or bong sometimes may be all it takes to start experiencing the effects of THC, smoking makes controlling the dosage easy compared to other methods of consumption. A quarter gram is recommended for light smokers, 1 gram is great for larger groups or individuals who are heavy smokers.

Vaporization: involves heating the cannabis buds and allowing the gas evaporate without burning any plant material. The effect of vaporization can be noticed immediately after inhalation, therefore little inhalation is advised for newbies while seasoned veterans can inhale according to their body tolerance. Capacity chambers variy with each vaporizer making it quite difficult to determine an average size. However, it is recommended to fill the vaporizer chamber to three-quarter full capacity this will help avoid the likelihood of overfilling and permit steady airflow.

Digestible Oils and Edibles: cannabinoids in edibles will be absorbed through the gastrointestinal tract thereby delaying the onset time from 1hour to 1h30 mins. This makes it difficult to determine the dosage control as the THC is not felt instantly. Newbies can consume from 1 mg to 5 mg of THC, but due to differences in individual’s metabolism there will be varying reactions to the edibles. It is important to be hydrated when consuming edibles. Before consuming additional edibles or oils it is recommended waiting for 2 hours. The slower you go the more you can familiarize yourself with your tolerance level and easily track how to adjust your dosage. For random consumers 5mg to 10mg is recommended and for frequent consumers 10mg and more may be a likely dosage depending on tolerance level.

Tinctures: this is a liquid concentrate cannabis that is typically taken using a dropper. Two to four drops of the cannabinoid-concentrate liquid under the tongue is likely sufficient as a beginning dose. One is likely to feel the effect within 12-15 minutes, you may continue or stop based on your tolerance level.

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