THC and CBD Marijuana Tinctures


Some people avoid marijuana as they are concerned with the idea of smoke inhalation. While this is a valid concern, fortunately, we are able to offer a solution. And we’d be happy to mail it to you!

THC and CBD Marijuana tinctures are definitely among the most underused and undervalued medicines available. This is unfortunate, as tinctures offer an alternative when it comes to ingesting cannabis.  Marijuana tinctures have been used as far back in history as 2737 BC.

Tinctures are a great option for those who consume cannabis but are concerned with throat and lung irritation. Because it doesn’t have an odor, it is also perfect for those concerned with privacy and can be taken subtly at any time.

Marijuana tinctures are liquid concentrations of THC and/or CBD which are extracted from the plant using alcohol. This extraction can simply be taken as a few drops under the tongue, and effects will promptly be felt. You can also try adding it to your food or drink! This will cause the effect of the cannabis to be slower, but will still get the job done. Remember to always start with a small dose (2-3 drops) and then adjust as you understand how the product will affect you.

Absorption of this product is quick due to being alcohol-based and ingested via the sublingual route. It is a wonderful product to keep in your medicine cabinet for treating acute pain and inflammation. 


CBD Tincture

  • Treats pain, inflammation, and anxiety

  • Reduces convulsions in those with seizure disorders

  • Does not have psychoactive effects





THC Tincture

  • Provides euphoric feeling

  • Treats pain and inflammation

  • Aids in sleep




Tinctures with a 1:1 ratio of  THC: CBD provide a balanced and calm feeling, with relief from pain.

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