how Boutique Cannabis sources it's flowers

How Does Source their Cannabis and Marijuana Products Legally?

This week we wanted to share a bit more with you about how we operate at BoutiqueCannabis. One common question we get from our customers is how and where do we source our products from? BoutiqueCannabis has reached out to numerous ACMPR and MMPR licensed medical cannabis growers under Canada’s old medical marijuana legislation. These growers have supplied most of the top-quality marijuana flowers and products coming out of the Westcoast for years, primarily in British-Columbia.

BoutiqueCannabis built a vendor application portal and an online e-commerce website featuring the products from the ACMPR and MMPR licensed growers. It was a partnership made in heaven: the old licensed growers found a new sales channel in Canada’s new legal recreational cannabis market and BoutiqueCannabis’ technology platform helped bring the previously unsurpassed quality of Canada’s old medical marijuana program products to the masses.

What makes’s marijuana higher quality than Licensed Producers’ or LP’s?

While the Licensed Producer rat-race in Canada is still in it’s infancy, it’s a well known fact that none of the high-quality  marijuana found on the market today is grown from Licensed Producers. The LP’s are all more concerned with boosting their stock valuations with letters of intent to acquire other junior and infant marijuana companies like physical retail dispensaries, extracts and edibles companies/brands.

The real premium flowers are grown by ACMP and MMPR licensed medical growers that have been around forever. Our large network of artisanal small-batch growers drop-ship their premium flowers straight their farm to your door!


Why is BC’s vendor application portal closed?

We’ve achieved what we believe to be an efficient supply from our current approved list of cannabis vendors given the current market conditions and demand. In order to maintain high quality and fair prices for our buyers we have closed the vendor application portal at this time. If you are currently wait-listed for approval in our backlog we do apologize for the inconvenience and the wait. We are however accepting applications for marijuana marketing affiliates, please visit our affiliates page to learn more.

Why buy marijuana from an online dispensary that drop-ships ACMPR/MMPR marijuana from the old medical marijuana program?

Because there is no better way to source your cannabis flowers, concentrates and extracts from the best growers in the world, in the heart of the Westcoast of Canada. Buying weed from an LP today is taking a big gamble. They don’t have the same track record of providing the top-quality marijuana  products to their customers. They are still very much in their infancy.

Buying marijuana from ensures your getting the best possible selection straight from the master growers farms. Shop our amazing selection of products in our online store.



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