Strawberry Cheesecake Buy Shatter Mail Order Online CanadaWhat a Dab is and How Shatter is Consumed in Dabbing?

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What is Shatter

Shatter is one form of cannabis concentrate. Cannabis concentrates are often referred to as dabs. Other forms of cannabis concentrates or dabs include budder, wax and oils. Shatter has a smooth glass like appearance, but hard texture. Shatter is one of the purest cannabis concentrates available today. It also consistently has higher THC counts than other dabs or concentrates. The process to make Shatter unfortunately strips away most of the terpenes so Shatter tends to be a bit less flavorful than other concentrates, but still is very tasty.

Budder is more flavourful than Shatter because it retains more terpenes (what gives different strains their unique flavour profiles) but budder tends to have a lower THC count than Shatter. Oils are the least refined of the three cannabis concentrates but tend to retain a great flavour profile. Budder and oils are great but do not hold a flame to the THC counts or the purity of Shatter. Shatter is the highest potency amongst cannabis concentrates, with THC counts often coming in around 80% or higher. You can imagine just how potent this is when you consider that most dry herb cannabis strains are only 15-25%. Let’s take a closer look at Shatter specifically and how it is made.

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What a Dab is and How Shatter is Consumed in Dabbing

A dab refers to a small amount of cannabis concentrate. The act of dabbing is when that small amount of cannabis concentrate comes in contact with a heat source so that it can be vaporized by a cannabis consumer. To dab Shatter that you buy online, you must break off a small amount of the concentrate and apply it to a heat source such as a e-nail which is typically metal, preheat a glass rig, or have a vape pen or similar.

Common Equipment Used for Dabbing

-Dab Rigs are the devices that are used to consume cannabis concentrates such as Shatter. Dab rigs can be made of a wide variety of different materials including glass and metal. Some dab rigs resemble glass bongs while others are more like the pens used for those who vape nicotine products.
-Nails are used for heating concentrates to specific temperatures to allow for the product to vaporize and be able to be consumed. Nails are glass or titanium in most case. Most nails have to be heated with a torch unless they are electronic.
-Electronic nails or e-nails are battery powered and will heat up so that dabs can be placed on them and vaporized without the use of a torch or other heat source.

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Basic Equipment Used to Make Shatter

-Extraction Tube
-Butane or Co2
-Coffee Filters
-Stove/Double Boiler
-Collection Dish
-Concentrate Container
-Silicone Parchment Paper

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The Basics of How Shatter is Made

There are two common ways in which Shatter is typically made. These are Butane Extraction and Co2 Extraction. The method of extraction and processes that you take as well as the product you start with will all factor into the quality of the Shatter you can get at the end.

Butane Extraction

Butane extraction uses a chamber filled with dried herb. That chamber is then flushed with butane to extract the compounds from the marijuana. The butane is then aired leaving behind the extract from the marijuana known as BHO (Butane Hash Oil). To make Shatter the BHO is purged. There are several different ways of purging the BHO to produce Shatter including applying heat and vacuum seal.

Co2 Extraction

Another method is Co2 extraction (this is what we do at This uses an airtight chamber filled with herb and removes the extracts by way of compression. Similar to Butane extraction methods, the oil that is refined through Co2 extraction must be purged and put through a second extraction process to remove any excess plant material. This second process uses a pressure vacuum. This allows for basically everything except THC to be pulled from the extraction. It is very common for Co2 extracted concentrates to have 90% or higher THC counts.

Typical Yields

So, just how much dry herb does it take to make concentrates to obtain the high THC counts that are making them so popular? Below are some average yields based on quality of material that you start with. Please note that these are just an average and that your actual yield will vary based on method of extraction, quality of herb and your experience with extraction.

-1 oz. of top-shelf bud = 3-6g of concentrate
-1 oz. of mid-grade bud = 2-4g of concentrate
-1 oz. of dirt weed = 2-3g of concentrate
-1 oz. of trim and leaves = 2-4g of concentrate

Co2 – The Healthier and Safer Extraction Method

When it comes to the method of extraction, many will tell you that Co2 is cleaner and healthier than Butane. This proves to be true as the method of Co2 destroys mildew, mold, and microbial bacteria. The Co2 extraction method often results in a clear glass-like product. This is because ultimately more bi-products have been removed resulting in clarity. Not only does Co2 extraction provide a cleaner product it is also a safer product as well as it is not exposed to Butane. Since Co2 is not flammable it also makes the extraction process much safer.

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Concentrates are Equally as Loved by Medicinal and Recreational Consumers

Smoking Shatter is healthier than smoking the flowers of cannabis. This is because you remove all the carcinogens. When you burn the flower you are consuming the dangerous parts that are bad for you. We’ve learned that when you smoke Shatter it’s called dabbing. Dabbing is basically smoking the essential parts from marijuana and taking out the rest. The increased THC content allows consumers to achieve the desired effects quicker. It also allows for more intense “highs” which is making Shatter very successful amongst the medical community. The quicker and more effective dose of cannabinoids works wonders for many people who suffer from a multitude of conditions. With the added benefit of not containing the carcinogens that you get from smoking the dried flowers of marijuana, Shatter is catching the eye of the cannabis community as well as the medical community.

Why Shatter is the Healthier Choice for Cannabis Consumption

-High THC counts
-Smell doesn’t stick to your clothes
-Takes less to achieve the desired effects (which can reduce your costs)
-Doesn’t have the carcinogens that cannabis flower smoke contains

When consuming Shatter through a mail order provider, you’re getting all the good stuff from marijuana minus the harmful part being the carcinogens. The smoke from vaping is cooler and many find it smoother than that of flowers. It doesn’t require as much to achieve the buzz you’re after either thanks to the high concentrate of THC. When you vape Shatter the smell doesn’t tend to stick to your clothes like when you smoke a bowl or joint, which is an added bonus for many.

With dabbing proving to be the healthy choice to traditional smoking it’s easy to see why so many are choosing this as their preferred method for marijuana consumption. Dabbing is the way of the future. When dabs are purchased from a safe and professional establishment such as, they are the highest quality product you can get when it comes to consuming marijuana.

When you try Shatter for the first time you’ll see why it has cultivated its way into the hearts of millions in the cannabis community and culture.