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Seth Rogen: stimulating creativity, humour and embarking in entrepreneurship

The Cannabis Enthusiast of the Month

Seth Rogen: stimulating creativity, humour and embarking in entrepreneurship

Actor, comedian, producer, writer, director and entrepreneur Seth Rogen is a well-known personality in contemporary pop culture and among cannabis lovers. Through film, comedy and politics, the Vancouver-born Canadian has always been a strong advocate for cannabis and the rights of people who use it. In addition to his acting career, the Canadian also became an entrepreneur and launched his own brand of cannabis seeds. Seth Rogen is our cannabis enthusiast of the month because he exemplifies that cannabis use is compatible with business success and can help artists stimulate a creative boost!

“Seth Rogen becomes Einstein when he smokes.”

Currently promoting two new movies, the romantic comedy Long Shot starring Charlize Theron and a remake of Disney’s The Lion King in which he lends his voice to the character of Pumba, Seth Rogen demonstrates his versatile acting skills. On screen and in life, he is also known as a spokesman for the benefits of cannabis. On the set of The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon it was Charlize Theron’s testimony that painted a picture of just how much Rogen’s creativity increases after he smokes cannabis.

“Listen I have never witnessed anything like him. In our first meeting I was really impressed by his confidence and his intelligence. And then he lit a joint and he took a hit off it and it was like I was in the presence of Einstein. It was off the charts. He takes a hit and he gets so smart he gets so focused he gets so creative.” Theron said about her costar and friend Seth Rogen.

Stimulate creativity

Studies show that cannabis increases dopamine levels in the brain, which in the short term can stimulate creativity and encourage people to think outside the box. As a comedic writer, Seth Rogen sees nothing better than to invent, bounce back and imagine new script ideas. This creative rise is shared by many consumers, artists and musicians alike. The Netflix documentary Grass is greener showcases how jazz legends like Louis Armstrong have been able to explore all their creative genius with the help of cannabis. This is also the case for Seth Rogen, who sees cannabis use as much more than a recreational means but as real social phenomenon that has the potential to translate to productivity and future market growth.

Which types of cannabis stimulates creativity?

The cleanest way to consume cannabis is by vaping. It provides you with a healthy puff, containing little plant substance. If you are a fan of buds, Sour Diesel sativa is one of the best known and most appreciated varieties. Very popular among artists, it is recognizable by its powerful and very distinct scent. On Boutique Cannabis, we recommend you try a hybrid bud like the Lemon Sour Diesel buds which can induce an immediate onset of an uplifted, euphoric creative yet focused head high that is accompanied by an intense rush of energy.

An indica will immerse you in a deeper sense of well-being, which will make you more susceptible to laughter.

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Cannabis and Alzheimer’s

Seth Rogen is also known for his philanthropic work, particularly his commitment to research into Alzheimer’s disease, a cause he considers “even more important” than cannabis”. With his wife Lauren Miller Rogen, they founded the Hilarity for Charity to raise funds for research in Alzheimer’s. He also gave a speech to the US Senators to break the silence around the disease. Seth joked and promised that his motivation to participate in the event had nothing to do with the lobbying for the legalization of cannabis. And yet, a recent study shows that cannabis could help block the cells responsible for the development of the disease and thus help to slow its progression, one of the many benefits of cannabis that science still needs to explore…

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