Secret Garden Extracts’ Solventless C02 Distillate 

​This unique and pure solventless extract can be ingested orally, applied topically, or dabbed on a rig or e-nail for best results.

Cannabis technology is getting more and more advanced every day. One of the latest developments in concentrates is a nearly-clear, solventless product; CO2 Distillate! With a 90-94% THC potency, this incredibly refined product is not recommended for first-time consumers.

Made with infamous BC bud, and using a method of extraction called “Short Path Distillation”, CO2 Distillate by Secret Garden Extracts offers a new level of purity in cannabis concentrates. The method of preparation for Distillate separates and refines molecules and contaminates, resulting in a clean and almost clear concentrate.

Using Short Path Distillation, raw Canada-grown cannabis is treated with a method of heating and cooling involving CO2, which produces vapours that are then consolidated and collected. This process is then repeated again and again, resulting in a more and more pure extract. Using this method of preparation, the final product is free of chlorophyll, plant matter, or any residual solvents.

Another interesting feature of CO2 Distillate is that the end product has no smell or flavour when vaporized. This is beneficial for those concerned about discretion in situations where marijuana smell is not desired.

CO2 Distillate is great for relieving chronic pain, aiding sleep, and helping with any other ailment which require higher doses of THC concentrate.

Try adding CO2 Distillate to shatters, such as our CO2 Cannabis Shatter (Dabs) by Secret Garden Extracts!

Consumers who like Phoenix Tears and Cannabis CO2 Oil will absolutely love this in-demand new product.

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