Cannabis Sativa Leaf Infographic

Cannabis Sativa plants are known for their ability to perk someone up, improve moods and are often used as a daytime high. These plants have been known to provoke positive vibes, creativity and overall feelings of happiness. Due to their ability to create feelings of wellbeing, Sativa plants are often used in patients or recreational users who need help battling feelings of depression, tension and anxiety.

However, if you suffer from full blown panic attacks, go with an Indica. One of the largest mistakes with users who are on the verge of a break down, is to assume all they need to use is a strain that promotes joy, when really you want to go with a plant that will centre you and bring a sense of body calm, such as Indica.

Sativa plants are known to reach upwards of 25 feet in height so they’re often grown outdoors, where they look like lanky Charlie-Brown christmas trees. Their leaves are long and skinny like their bodies, with seven fingers leaves that are usually lighter green in color.

Since they’re often grown outdoors, Sativa plants are known for their signature earthy pine smell and high yields. They have the luxury of growing in the open (even though they take longer to flower then Indica.) They produce hairy buds and are less prone to rot or mould due to their fanned out leaves, which allows for better air circulation.

The Sativa plant is argued to the be the original form of the Cannabis plant because of how it flourishes in the wild. It hails from Asia and India, and as the popularity of its healing powers caught wind, so did its global growing and usage destinations.

The most popular 100% Sativa plants in British Columbia at the moment are Sour Diesel, Durban Poison, Lemon Skunk and Purple Power.

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High Definition Cannabis Sativa Leaf Photo

High Definition photo of a Cannabis Sativa leaf