Rosin – High Potency Extract Without a Trace of Solvent Residue

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to enjoy your concentrate without any solvent residue? 
It is! And you don’t need to steal your girlfriend’s hair straightener to make it- Zen Medical did the work for you.

A careful combination of high heat and pressure applied to cannabis (either raw flower, hash or kief can be used), results in a sappy, translucent product that can look a lot like shatter. Extracts made using solvents require a lengthy purge in order to safely remove all foreign residue from the final product. Rosin does not require any additional cleaning and can be made in just minutes.

Rosin is simply made by squeezing the oil out of tricomes in marijuana.

When made correctly, rosin retains valuable terpenes responsible for its amazing flavor and aromas. Connoisseurs of cannabis love rosin for its absolute purity and freshness. Naturally, when tested in a lab, this wonderful product exhibits 0 ppm (parts per million) of solvent residue.

Rosin is most ideally ingested by vaporising, and we recommend using an e-nail or oil rig for this. Inhale the vapors but do not hold them in, and always start with a very small dose.

Rosin Rocks


Rosin Rocks by Gemini Organics offer another option for ingestion when it comes to rosin products. This 100% solventless concentrate has 90-94% potency in THC.

Rosin Rocks are made using top quality Bubba Kush flowers bonded with Bruce Banner keif rosin and covered in Ghost OG dry-sift keif. Treat it just like flowers, except be prepared for much higher potency and flavor! Break it up and roll in a joint or add it to your favourite pipe.

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