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  • Alain Coulombe

    From on Mazar Hash

    Very Great hash sticky, oily and malleable everything i want from hashish, very great Milk of Mazar. I will order again for sure. What a great buzz.

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    2019/02/11 at 4:05 pm
  • From SH on Blue Guava Smalls Buds

    Everything is good about this. Would highly reccomend for anyone to buy!

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    2019/02/06 at 3:36 am
  • Darren Rickman

    From terrenshy on Gorilla Cookies Shatter (Taste of BC) 1g

    This has for now become one of my favorites on this site for sure, just started vaping but it works better at a lower temp more bang for your buck . For me anyways. This is always in my cart

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    2019/02/01 at 7:55 pm
  • Aaron Humble

    From aaron humble on reviews

    #GreatSERVICE# knowledgable and tok a few moments to answer my questions when i called..I am a fair ways away and it came to me quick quick quickly ..SO AAA+ rating and the only place i shop ..Thanks So much Boutique Cannabis….

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    2019/01/25 at 9:04 am
  • From La Terreur on DB x WW Shatter (Taste of BC) 1g

    Wow this was Amazing relaly reccomend for those of you looking for good taste and buzz

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    2019/01/22 at 1:00 pm
  • Darren Rickman

    From terrenshy on Assorted CO2 Distillates (Secret Garden Extracts) 1gram

    This is the right stuff. Been smoking for years now wasn’t sure about the shatter and oils, so I tried them in my pipes , worked but I went and picked up a vape pipe and it’s way better if you vape these. I really like this if you’re a long time user this is it, at least the supperman og, will be buying this again.this is the best and only site I buy from the rest are way to expinsive . AND IT ONLY TAKES 2 DAYS TO GET IT , not bad at all great customer service too,Again I reccomend this site to everyone,

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    2019/01/18 at 8:40 am
  • From Sherrie on Blue Guava Smalls Buds

    I love this strain, very relaxing and pleasant. Will def buy this one again.

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    2019/01/17 at 2:15 pm
  • From Eugene on CO2 Vape Top: Atomizer Refill 1g (Secret Garden Extracts)

    I used to vape flowers off a tabletop vape, but over the past year I’ve switched entirely over to the Secret Garden cartridges. Just can’t say enough good things—glad they have the pens back in stock, I’m goint to order a spare. This system is easy to use, the cartridges are long-lasting, and use is barely detecctible to others, so it’s easy to sneak. Botique has the best end-to-end service of all the MOMs. I’ve sucessfully ordered from them four times.

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    2019/01/05 at 7:53 am
  • Mitch Barmash

    From mitchb105 on Mazar Hash

    Tasty hash with a good buzz. Good price comparatively.

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    2019/01/03 at 2:18 am
  • From Mitch Barmash on Mazar Hash

    Delicious taste and nice buzz
    Will buy again

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    2018/12/28 at 2:51 pm
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  1. I live in a rural area of Ontario about a 3 hour round trip drive from London Ontario. I ordered product at 12:30 pm on a Wed. Thursday night at 9:40 PM product was in London. It will arrive in my mail box by 11:00 AM Friday. I choose to never place an order with the government run store. Thank you Boutique Cannabis. Quality of product has always been outstanding.

  2. I like the Mazur hash the best and hope it will come back in stock. I was fortunate to be able to purchase a few ounces.

  3. is absolutely positively 100% the best online cannabis store you can order from. 80% of the time you will get your order delivered in 1 day, and the products are top shelf. wonderful store.

  4. Allright so I have been buying since the start, Everything i’ve been buying has been bang on espicialy in the bud , the quality, the expectation and the weight has all been over at least a sample size maybe depending on the amount . I buy by the once. Death budda is really good as well as tuna kush. wedding cake and blue guava are awesome daytime smoke they wont make you sleepy. in the hash , mixed indica is not bad then there is mazdar hash, can be a bit deciving the first batch I got was 14 grams of heaven boy if I smoked 2 bowls it would knock me right out, that one came to me in a sandwhich bag and the other order came to me in little plasticfoil bag and it was real soft and this one not so good in smoking it , not sure why BUT, I started to eat it and was surprised with the out come .If you don’t like smoking it eat it you wont regret it . I should have started about 6 grams ago . Also the BEST site by far , the cheapest, the best service for sure, belive. They helped right away both times within minutes . I allways will recomend;)

  5. #GreatSERVICE# knowledgable and tok a few moments to answer my questions when i called..I am a fair ways away and it came to me quick quick quickly ..SO AAA+ rating and the only place i shop ..Thanks So much Boutique Cannabis….

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