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  • From steve meade on Strawberry Banana Buds

    This strain is one of my new favorites. It smells and tastes just like banana bubblegum. The bud is quality stuff and I’m gonna be sad when it’s gone.

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    2019/04/13 at 4:15 pm
  • Graham Bowers

    From graham on Beast 13 Diamonds and Sauce (Golden Grams)

    A strong, heavy hitting Indica. Full of flavor, intoxicating, calming, random lost thoughts.

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    2019/04/11 at 8:40 pm
  • Kyle Borrow

    From Kyle on THC Distillate (Next Level) 1gram

    I have to be honest I’m a heavy smoker and this stuff put me out deff next level and the flavours are insane from from berry to mint flavours real expert in the game in my opinion

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    2019/04/10 at 2:59 pm
  • From gtone on Island Maui Haze Buds

    Taste and smell are about average, however the residual smoke smells pretty damn good and the flower burns smooth and well in spite of being so fresh and sticky.

    Effects are dynamite, best of five strains purchased from BC. Reminds me of old school ’70’s weed (Acupulco Gold/Maui Waui sorta thing) – psychedelic heady rush that builds fairly quick and keeps you happy, buzzing along for a good long time with a mellow afterglow.

    Some munchies but no red/dry eyes and no cottonmouth from this cut. I loved the trip down memory lane as many modern strains are lacking in my book.

    Island Maui Haze delivers huge on every front but the taste and smell of the bud (which is quite tolerable, but not noteworthy by any stretch).

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    2019/04/10 at 11:52 am
  • Alain Coulombe

    From on 5 Point Afghan Hash

    Well i am speechless, just TASTE i!!!!!!!

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    2019/04/09 at 9:38 pm
  • Karen Milton

    From LucidKaren on Pain Cream - Omni Botanicals

    This cream is the real deal, it works really well on my arthritis & muscle pain. I have tried Voltarin, tiger balm, otc pain killers & this is genuinely the only thing that has made a difference. And the pain relief lasts for hours. It’s pretty immediate – sometimes a few minutes, sometimes a little more. I can’t say enough good about this product.

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    2019/04/04 at 11:18 pm
  • From Sherrie on CO2 Vape Top: Atomizer Refill 1g (Secret Garden Extracts)

    Got my new Secret Garden vape pen with Alien Rock Candy, which was nicely potent, – very pleased with my order. The pen works wonderfully and I can’t even feel it as I inhale it. It’s like I’m vaping air until I exhale. I have even gotten compliments on it from friends. Going to keep ordering these atomizers from now on. Cant wait to try new strains.

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    2019/04/04 at 11:47 am
  • Jacob Hurrell

    From Jacob Hurrell on Island Maui Haze Buds

    Wonderful flavour, resin coated, and smooth hits.

    I received 3.5g in a $100 sample box and I am quite pleased with it. These dense nugs are expertly grown and cured.

    The trip is as advertised, potent but gentle sativa journey without the jitters.

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    2019/03/28 at 10:18 am
  • From Rob on Sky Extracts Vape Pen Atomizer 0.5ML

    Great product. Highly recommended. I got the Granddaddy Purple, potent af. I usually don’t cough when I smoke herb, this thing got me and it got me good.

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    2019/03/22 at 7:49 am
  • Mathieu Turcotte

    From Mathieu Turcotte on CO2 Vape Top: Atomizer Refill 1g (Secret Garden Extracts)

    What kind of battery will I need if I buy these??

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    2019/03/11 at 10:44 am
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  1. I live in a rural area of Ontario about a 3 hour round trip drive from London Ontario. I ordered product at 12:30 pm on a Wed. Thursday night at 9:40 PM product was in London. It will arrive in my mail box by 11:00 AM Friday. I choose to never place an order with the government run store. Thank you Boutique Cannabis. Quality of product has always been outstanding.

  2. I like the Mazur hash the best and hope it will come back in stock. I was fortunate to be able to purchase a few ounces.

  3. is absolutely positively 100% the best online cannabis store you can order from. 80% of the time you will get your order delivered in 1 day, and the products are top shelf. wonderful store.

  4. Allright so I have been buying since the start, Everything i’ve been buying has been bang on espicialy in the bud , the quality, the expectation and the weight has all been over at least a sample size maybe depending on the amount . I buy by the once. Death budda is really good as well as tuna kush. wedding cake and blue guava are awesome daytime smoke they wont make you sleepy. in the hash , mixed indica is not bad then there is mazdar hash, can be a bit deciving the first batch I got was 14 grams of heaven boy if I smoked 2 bowls it would knock me right out, that one came to me in a sandwhich bag and the other order came to me in little plasticfoil bag and it was real soft and this one not so good in smoking it , not sure why BUT, I started to eat it and was surprised with the out come .If you don’t like smoking it eat it you wont regret it . I should have started about 6 grams ago . Also the BEST site by far , the cheapest, the best service for sure, belive. They helped right away both times within minutes . I allways will recomend;)

  5. #GreatSERVICE# knowledgable and tok a few moments to answer my questions when i called..I am a fair ways away and it came to me quick quick quickly ..SO AAA+ rating and the only place i shop ..Thanks So much Boutique Cannabis….

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