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Pssst… Have you tried THC Suppositories?

Sorry for making you blush.

Suppositories aren’t something many people really want to talk about. We want to tell you why THC Suppositories are actually really awesome.


First off I’ll explain how these Suppositories work.

Administration of suppositories allows medicine (in this case, cannabis) to absorb directly into the blood stream by blood vessels in the rectum. Rectal absorption of THC is potentially as high as 70-75%, making it an excellent choice for those suffering from a number of conditions. Crohns, IBS, Endometriosis, Bowel/Cervical Cancer and Diverticulitis patients and those who suffer from lower back pain are especially encouraged to try this method of administration.

THC Suppositories are a great option for those who can’t smoke or ingest marijuana orally. Cannabis suppositories can even be inserted into a woman’s vagina for period cramps. They are also a viable option for those experiencing nausea, vomitting or stomach irritation.

How to use THC Suppositories


  • Store THC Suppositories in the fridge or freezer to keep them firm.
  • Wash hands thoroughly before and after administering.
  • Trimmed fingernails are recommended.
  • Lie down on your side for the insertion process and stay laying for a few minutes afterward.

Suppositories How To - Mail Order Medical Marijuana


With a clean index finger, insert THC Suppository into the anus and slide it 1-1.5″ into the rectum.




What to expect:
How Long Effects Take Marijuana Edibles Suppositories

The effects from THC Suppositories should come on within 10-15 minutes and are 4-5x more efficient than when cannabis is smoked.


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  1. Rona Achilles says:

    is your highest dose of THC dominant suppositories only 25 mg??

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