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What is a pre-roll (joint) made of?

Pre-roll popularly known as a joint is one of the iconic means of smoking cannabis, it is a more obvious way of using cannabis than edibles, bongs or dabs. The financial investment involved is cheap and common amongst friends. Pre-rolls are easily available amongst consumers but quite discreet; but, with the advent of regulated markets the demand for joints increased and it is available in recreational stalls or medical dispensaries. With Christmas around joints can be served as gifts to some newbies. Unfortunately, not all available pre-rolls are smokeable. People who are enthusiastic about cannabis steer clear of pre-rolls as it is perceived to have low-quality cannabis. This is due to the fact that while some producers deal with high-quality cannabis, some add trims i.e. stems and leaves of cannabis rendering it of low quality. This issue is not evident at the point of purchase because the paper roll shields what is inside.

What is Shake?
Some pre-rolls contents are known as shake, this is small bits of cannabis flower also known as shift nugs or marijuana. The shake is grounded with a grinder and rolled into paper cones and shaken to allow air escape, then the tip of the paper roll is twisted and ready for smoking or sale. Some belief Shake to be low-quality but it is just a controlled pieces of the high-quality product. However, dry shake can be of low-quality which is as a result of leaving the jars to be out for too long and also if the shake contains trims i.e. stems and leaves. When buying pre-rolls at any recreational joint in Ajax, Barrie or North York, it would not hurt to cut one open to determine the quality of others. Although pre-rolls are available all over the country to get the good quality pre-rolls, has got you covered whether you are in Calgary, Markham or any part of Canada. Unlike the medical dispensaries, the recreational shop is faced with several obstacles. For example, the recreational market in Washington sells pre-packaged produced nugs from producers leaving them with no option of making their pre-rolls.
In conclusion, it may be quite tricky to detect quality pre-rolls because they are wrapped. If there is any possibility you can get a good bud and grind it, the texture, and appearance of any pre-roll content should both look the same. Also, another option to try out is to pay critical attention to your puff when you smoke. The smell of the puff will actually smell like campfire and taste plenty and not the typical smell and taste of cannabis and this will definitely compromise quality.
Some shake being the content of high-quality pre-rolls may contain rainbow or mystery rolls i.e. combination from shake from various strains which can be rolled up to make another variety of pre-roll. Basically, pre-rolls are not every casual cannabis smoker favorite because of the unpleasant surprise of low-quality shakes.

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