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OMNI Melt THC Bath Salts (and why you need them)

Bathtime! With OMNI Melt THC Bath Salts

There are 100’s of reasons why soaking in a hot bath at the end of a long day is a good idea, and adding THC-infused bath salts adds to the benefits.

Within the line of personal care products we are happy to now offer, is OMNI Melt Bath Salts. These are THC infused Epsom and Himalayan salts to ease your pain and inflammation. This bath soak will deeply soothe muscles and joints and bring you into a sensual relaxation.

Soaking in bath salts extracts toxins from the body which will improve your overall health.

Omni bath melt salts bathsalt epsom himalayan THC

Epsom and Himalayan salts help restore your body’s magnesium electrolyte which can become depleted due to stress. Restoring magnesium will reduce muscle stiffness, cramping, spasms, stress and blood pressure. It helps maintain nerve and cardiovascular health* and magnesium is also a common ingredient in laxatives for relieving constipation. Some even say that magnesium may be more important for healthy bones than calcium is.

Nowadays our primary source of magnesium normally comes from the foods that we eat. Unfortunately, industrial farming has depleted the magnesium that occurs in soil. Magnesium deficiency and low bone density are now very common. Our bodies don’t absorb magnesium very well from food, and that alone is an excellent reason why you should take a time out and submerge yourself in a bathtub saturated with OMNI Melt bath salts.

Absorption of magnesium through the skin is highly effective and that’s a great excuse to take a bath.

On top of the benefits of bath salts already being extensive, OMNI added THC to the carefully crafted mix to bring you further into relaxation. Soaking in a hot bath allows a better permeability of the skin. This means that you will get the most from your THC when it soaks in and directly targets aches and pains.

Baths give you the chance to stop the day for a few minutes, in a way that showers can’t. There is a wonderful combination of isolation, quiet and comfort.” -Dr John Harcup, chairman of the Medical Advisory Committee for the British Spa Foundation

Along with your soothing bath, have a cup of Meadowsweet Herbs Tea.

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himalayan epsom thc bath salts mail order marijuana relaxation

Bath salts are not to be eaten, smoked, vaporized or used any way other than dissolved in bath water.
Keep out of reach of children and pets.

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