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Marijuana Edibles: A Guide for First-Time Users

Marijuana edibles are available on Edmonton, AB or Ajax? No problem, you’re covered from coast to coast. BC offers a wide variety for cakes, chocolates, cookies, hard candies, gummies, and drinks. These cannabis-infused edibles offer an incredible high; silliness and snickering often included. It is important to be cautious while using edibles, abusing the tolerance level may lead to an unpleasant experience especially for first-time users.

As a first time consumer of marijuana edibles, below are guides to heed to;

  1. The effect takes longer to kick in: marijuana edibles introduce cannabinoids into the system via the digestive or gastrointestinal tract -precisely- through the liver. Unlike the lungs, where the high is instantaneous, the liver takes about 30 minutes to 1 hour to convert THC to a powerful chemical known as 11-hydroxy-THC. This process results in a highness that lasts longer and is more intense than smoking. Other perks to edibles are the portability and the freedom to enjoy where smoking is forbidden.
  2. Avoid thinking you have not had enough to get you high: this is a big issue with impatient consumers who end up consuming more than their tolerance level. This may result in nasty experience.
  3. Depending on the dose, highness from edibles can last up to 4-12 hours: many edibles have a varying doses of THC about 10 mg to 150 mg. However some edibles may have a higher dosage, it is a safe decision to steer clear off such even if one is a seasoned user. As a first-time user, always check the THC amount on the label.
  4. Begin with a small dose of 5 mg and work your way up to 10 mg of THC: the recommended dose depends on your body, metabolism and weight. Never take edibles on an empty stomach and always stay hydrated when taking edibles in order not to heighten the highness effect. Dry mouth, anxiety, hallucinations are signs of an overdose. you should drink lots of water and let your friends be aware, these symptoms ware off in few hours. A safe and comfortable environment will aid quick relief. Luckily, cannabis is not toxic, you will most likely sleep for 11-12 hours and still feel groggy after waking up.
  5. Have some CBD-rich cannabis on hand so you can clear off the high: citrus, pistachios are antidotes to calm the highness.
  6. Steer clear of alcohol: Asides increasing highness, alcohol also results in dizziness and being nauseous. Individuals with issues related to mental health conditions should steer clear of marijuana-infused edibles. Some studies have shown that marijuana may aggravate the signs associated with depression, psychosis or schizophrenia.
  7. Keep your edibles in secure areas: keep edibles away from the reach of children, a locked away box or cabinet is a great option. This is just being extra careful as THC-high edible looks just the same as just an ordinary caramel cookie or chocolate which children may be oblivious to.

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