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Many of us that are interested in the edible products of cannabis and its preparation, often find infusion methods quite challenging or daunting. This has made most of us miss out on its consumable and medicinal benefits. Are you going to be on this trend too? Anyone who is a fan of various edible cannabis products can overcome this obstacle and enjoy its benefits to the fullest. This is really feasible and worth trying. In case you have not become acquainted with cannabis-infused consumption(s), welcome to a new realm of adventure! These thorough content’s procedures get you more edified compared to other inhalation techniques that are common today- the methods and outcomes are typically more proficient, efficient and consumer-sufficient. Ideally, start with a low dosage so as to know how the edible goes with you (since it isn’t viable to account for their potency).

This cannabis infused-oil we have for you today is one of the most multi-functional edible media as its versatility can be applied in many cooking methods such as baking desserts, frying eggs or sausages,  sautéing vegetables over high heat or even in dressing your salad(s). Some of us love to use veggie oil or peanut oil at home- try to consider making cannabis-infused veggie/peanut oil this time around.

Ingredients to use:

For a less potent cannabis oil, you can reduce the amount of cannabis flower that you ground for the procedure. Coconut and olive oil are also another set of options to choose from- the former tends to give a moderate taste and thus, be used for more dishes while the latter is basically a common and staple cooking oil used in many homes.

Required kitchen tools:

  • A saucepan (or double-boiler available)
  • A handy grinder
  • A cheesecloth or strainer

Method and Instructions:

  1. Begin by grinding the cannabis (with the entire plant if preferred) with a simple hand grinder- other related kitchen equipment like blenders or coffee grinders pulverize the cannabis completely, leading to an awful taste from the plant) so ensure you don’t grind the cannabis to a powdered form.
  2. Add the cannabis oil to the cannabis in your pan and heat the mixture MODERATELY for a few hours (at least 3) – If you have a double boiler, leave for 6-8 hours. This step is important because it activates the THC without tampering with the active ingredients. To avoid scorching on the pan, pour a little quantity of water and ensure the heat applied does not exceed 245-degree Fahrenheit.
  3. Use the cheesecloth to strain the oil into a storage container or bowl. Squeezing the cheesecloth after straining must be avoided, so as to prevent more contents of chlorophyll in the oil. The remaining plant extract can be discounted or used in your subsequent dishes where necessary. You can store excess oil in a shelf or cupboard but if you intend to extend the life-span, store in a refrigerator.

Note: If you intend to use the oil for preparing dishes, do not use low heat at any occasion.


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