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Marijuana Edibles

There has been a lot of talk and a lot of controversy surrounding cannabis-infused foods, also known as ‘edibles’. Marijuana Edibles offer a huge amount of relief to many patients who are unable to smoke marijuana or ingest cannabis in other ways.

Moderation is key when it comes to consuming edibles.

The average edible contains anywhere from 10-100mg THC in the entire item. 10mg THC is considered one ‘dose’. Sometimes you may only need a single bite of a cookie in order to get your desired effect!

cocount fudge nugs mail order ediblesThe effects from these tasty treats can take much longer to come on than if one was to just smoke a joint. Due to this, it is advised to be aware that edibles do take longer to have their effect. The time it take to absorb the cannabinoids from edibles varies depending on individuals’ metabolism. Some people feel the THC in their system within 45 minutes, others don’t feel anything for more than 2 hours. It is different for everyone.
In the time waiting to feel relief from edibles, people often eat more or ingest more marijuana in other forms which can lead to an intense ‘high’ feeling coming on when the effects do set in. It is also always very tempting to polish off an entire medicated nanaimo bar, brownie, bag of gummy bears, etc- but this is not recommended.


h2oil bio tears mail order marijuana edibles

If you are interested in a quick acting oral product, try H2Oil Biotears. Biotears is a fast-acting water soluble full-spectrum cannabis oil product.

Exercise patience and restraint and use a little  bit of moderation with your intake of marijuana edibles. They are a great option for management of pain in a discrete and enjoyable way. They can also be quite healthy!

Edibles are commonly made using cannabis-infused butter. With more and more people becoming creative with their baking, there are now many medicated treats available without the use of dairy products at all. Liquid Gold makes coconut oil bars infused with CBD distillate. This product’s flavor is very subtle. It is a fabulous addition to your own home baking, skin care regime, smoothies, and even your morning coffee.

Check out our selection of mail-order cannabis infused edibles if you are interested in giving your lungs a break.

Edibles are to be kept out of reach of children and pets.

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