*BoutiqueCannabis.ca is the leading website online in Canada that provides boutique craft artisanal mail order Cannabis services from the West Coast to all of the provinces, cities, towns, and locations across Canada through priority, express, direct, overnight, and similar package delivery mail services. We use couriered secure tracked mail from providers like Canada Post, UPS, Fedex, Purolator, DHL, Loomis, and others.

We do what it takes to get you the best mail order Marijuana as fast as possible!

Mail Order Marijuana Canada

Mail Order Marijuana Canada

At Boutique Cannabis we offer all of our mail order, wholesale, and drop shipping Cannabis products and services to every province within Canada. You can scroll down and select your province below as an example.

As a customer, all you need to do is navigate our easy to use website and pick the items you desire, then sit back and wait for the package to arrive. Depending on where within Canada you reside will determine the length of time your package takes to arrive at your chosen shipping address, however most orders only take 3 to 5 business days to arrive. Every order that is sent out is prepared in a secure and professional fashion, using double vacuum sealed packaging that is scent proof.

If you’re ordering buds you can expect to receive a vacuum sealed bag that has either been folded in bubble wrap or cardboard to keep the package secure and odourless. Edible orders are sent in a very similar way, however they’re put into a snug box so they do not move around or squish during shipment, then wrapped in bubble wrap and sent in an appropriately sized envelope or box.

We use couriered mail services with a tracking number. Once your order is shipped out, an e-mail will arrive to your inbox within an hour, including a tracking number so that you can keep tabs on your package. All mail that gets shipped out is done so using a pseudonym and private return address for our safety and yours. It is important to make sure that the shipping information you provide is correct, as it will have no where to get sent back to.

Any reshipment of products is done on a case by case basis only. For this reason, we strongly suggest you use your real name and shipping address. Make sure your shipping address is not compromised and you are the only one who can receive packages.

At Boutique Cannabis our shipping rates are a flat $30 per order, across the board for all provinces and cities. We did this to make it as easy as possible for our customers to understand universal shipping costs. If you are in a hurry you can also purchase UPS overnight shipping and if you spend above $200 you will receive free shipping.

Stay tuned: in the near future Boutique Cannabis will be offering our entire website experience in the French language, and possibly expanding into Spanish and Chinese. As Canada is very multicultural, we strive to offer services in the languages spoken by Canadians, in all of the corresponding geographic regions.

Canadian Provinces for Marijuana Mail Order:

British Columbia
New Brunswick
Newfoundland and Labrador
Northwest Territories
Nova Scotia
Prince Edward Island

*The products that we ship always use couriered mail services and you will be provided with a shipment tracking number.

*Canada is one of the largest countries in the world, with a very open and transparent Medical Marijuana policy from which the Liberal Government hopes to legalize entirely.

*Boutique Cannabis only offers products and services to the Canadian marketplace for adults who are 19+ years of age or older.

*Whenever possible we try to use organic, locally sourced, and sustainable products, ingredients, and materials. After all, being good corporate citizens is important, especially in the growing Cannabis industry within Canada.