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LUNA Full-Spectrum Cannabis Capsules

LUNA brings you the medicinal benefits of full-spectrum cannabis oil in capsule form. LUNA Cannabis Oil Capsules are another option on the table for effectively treating systemic inflammation and symptoms of cancer.

Made from indica dominant strains, this product has proven effective in tackling pain and aiding in sleep.

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THC is not isolated in full-spectrum cannabis oil. Instead, you receive the benefits of the entire cannabinoid profile. LUNA Cannabis Oil Capsules deliver potent cannabis oil in low-glycemic glucose, allowing rapid onset. Fibrous, organic, full-leaf cannabis oil ensures long-lasting effects. This product is highly recommended to those suffering from chronic pain and inflammation.

As we talked about in Eating Vs. Smoking Weed; orally ingested THC is converted into a completely different chemical in the body and has a more intense effect. When cannabis is eaten, delta-9-THC is converted in the liver into 11-hydroxy-THC and the effects are twice as strong.

Luna cannabis capsules full spectrum Luna cannabis oil capsulescannabis capsules full spectrum Luna cannabis oil capsules

LUNA Cannabis Oil Capsules make it possible for you to have accurate control over the size of your dose.

20mg or 30mg metered doses allow you to better anticipate the effects of your cannabis oil.


Cannabis oil usually comes in syringes which can be difficult for patients with dexterity problems to handle. Having the dose already measured in a simple capsule can promote dignity and peace of mind.

It can take 3-4 weeks for the body to become used to any new medication. Please note that as the high feeling dissipates it does not mean the cannabis is not doing its job. The body becomes used to cannabis and the psychoactive effect becomes less vivid over time.

We recommend that you begin with the 20mg LUNA Cannabis Oil Capsules. As you tolerate the relaxing sedative effect, you can try increasing your dose to the 30mg capsules as desired.

Take cannabis capsules before bed if you wish to avoid feeling psychoactive effects. By taking them at bedtime you can sleep off the euphoria but let medicinal properties work their magic while your body is fully at rest.

Shop mail-order cannabis capsules and other therapeutic medical marijuana products.

Please consume cannabis responsibly.

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