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Let’s Hash Things Out About Hash

Hashish (more commonly known as hash) is also known as cannabis resin. Etymologically, hash comes from the Arabic “hashish” which means “herb”. There is even scientific evidence that hashish was already consumed as long ago as ancient times!

What is Hash?

Hash is a potent form of marijuana produced by collecting and compressing trichomes, the most potent material from cannabis plants.

Coated on the flowers and leaves sprouting from the top of cannabis plants, otherwise known as the “heads” there’s a sticky and golden resin also known as “charas”. The trichomes are present on the whole plant but they are mainly concentrated at the level of the heads, which is why the branches are not really useful in the making of hash.

There are different extraction methods, but in each, the resin is collected by separating it from the buds. This produces a very fine and light powder called “skuff”, “kief” or “pollen”. This is the powder you’ll find in the last compartment at the bottom of  cannabis mill.

Once harvested, these trichomes are mechanically pressed or hand-pressed, then heated to decompose certain molecules and allow the trichomes to fuse to form bricks, plates or laminated pieces.

Hash can be a chocolate brown, greenish khaki or sandy brown colour.

The more heat cannabis has been exposed to during the press, the darker it will be and the more intensely its psychoactive effects will be felt physically.

How is Hash made?

There are different methods for extracting trichomes from the heads of the cannabis plant.

Traditional techniques: dry sieving or manual extraction

The dry sieving method comes from Morocco and produces the action of your cannabis mill on a larger scale. This involves covering a container with a fine cloth or sieve, placing the ground cannabis buds in it, then covering it with a plastic and finally beating the upper part with a stick to separate the flowers from the trichomes to make them fall into the bottom of the container.

Manual extraction is the second best-known technique, although it is less common worldwide. Widely practiced in India, Nepal, Afghanistan and Pakistan (as well as in many less well-known hash producing countries such as Bhutan or Burma), and exported worldwide. The resin is collected from live unharvested cannabis plants, right in the fields. Producers harvest the resin by passing their arms over the plants and collecting the resin directly on their skin! The resin is then shaped into small balls and “refined”.

These two hand sieving techniques allow hash producers to focus on the preservation of maximum flavours rather than a high concentration of THC.

Solvent extraction

This extraction technique is certainly the most efficient and the one that produces the strongest and purest hashish, in a way, because it eliminates a lot of plant material.

Today, the problems of solvent residues have been overcome thanks to new, modern, safer and more reliable methods. Working with combustible and volatile products remains dangerous if you want to make your own hashish.

Water extraction – Bubble Hash

This is the method considered the most natural and least risky by hash lovers since  it involves only water and ice as solvents. This method involves making the concentrate by getting dried and cured buds very cold and passing them  through progressively smaller screens called ice-o-laters until all that’s left are the trichomes.

The final product in this technique is appropriately called Bubble Hash.

Thanks to advanced and constantly evolving techniques, we now have access to high-quality hash.

What are the benefits of consuming hash?

Since hash is produced from the highest concentrates of a cannabis plant, you will find all kinds of wonderful benefits from consuming hash including all of its medicinal properties.

  • Used in the treatment of symptoms of diseases such as cancer, it can help patients stimulate their appetite and fight against the side effects of chemotherapy. In particular, hash can reduce nausea and vomiting.

  • In January 2017, the United States National Academy of Science, Engineering and Medicine published a report showing that cannabis is effective in relieving chronic adult pain.

  • Hash has been known to help people with insomnia get better sleep.

  • Hash can be beneficial for athletes, as it has also been known to help with muscle recovery.

Where can I buy high quality hash in Canada?

To buy the highest quality Canadian hash, look no further than Boutique Cannabis!

We select optimal raw materials to obtain products of the highest quality and work with Canadian producers who hand-produce their hash.

Boutique Cannabis will even deliver the highest quality hash straight to your door, discreetly and quickly anywhere in Canada!

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