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OMNI Botanicals THC Pain Cream

OMNI Botanicals THC Pain Cream is a topical cannabis-infused personal care product which is highly effective in treating inflammation.

THC Infused cannabis pain cream

Much like some of the popular pain relief creams on the market, Pain Cream features peppermint and arnica as well as 137mg fully activated THC for deep pain relief.



These trusted ingredients add up to make an excellent option for managing chronic pain. Taking a few moments to gently massage in the luxurious THC Pain Cream will give you soft supple skin.

arnica-THC pain cream

Arnica is a herb which grows in many places of the world, including North America. The yellow daisy-like flowers from Arnica are used in common over-the-counter Western medicines. Arnica is used for pain and swelling related to bruises, aches, and sprains. It can also be applied to treat bug bites, arthritis, muscle pain, cracked/dry lips, and acne.



Peppermint Oil is widely used and recognized as an additive to many topical peppermint-THC pain creamproducts. Clinical evidence shows that peppermint oil is helpful for symptoms of IBS and colitis. Peppermint’s potent fragrance soothes tension headaches and aids in overall relaxation. It also reduces nausea and gastric spasms.



Pain Cream is highly recommended for patients suffering from osteoporosis and osteoarthritis. Potent ingredients deeply penetrate tissue to quickly relieve pain.

Pair with OMNI – Unwind and OMNI – Mint to intensify your experience.

*Avoid applying this cream to broken skin, to prevent potential irritation.

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