When you think of a traditional Cannabis plant and how it looks, most often an Indica plant will come to mind. These flowers grow wide instead of tall, with thick foliage and large buds. Users should brace themselves to experience a strong body high, which sometimes results in a ‘couch-lock’ state.

The best way to tell an Indica flower from a Sativa (besides the obvious leaf count and color difference) is to smell them. These indoor grown plants usually smell or taste either sweet or sour. The Indica plant is renowned for its ability to cure ailments, stifle chronic pain, sleeplessness, anxiety, headaches, seizures and so much more. For these reasons, it has become the golden child to the medical cannabis industry.

In addition to the copious benefits this plant produces, it is a go-to for growers because it flowers much faster then most Sativas, therefore the turn around is greater to meet the growing demand. It is believed that this effective plant is the main bargaining chip for legalization due to all of its healing abilities.

These plants have been proven to contain higher levels of THC, whereas Sativa contains more CBD. The Indica plant was brought to the United States from Afghanistan in 1970 where it was first cross-bred with a Sativa plant, to make the wildly popular hybrid plants.

The most popular 100% Indica plants in British Columbia at the moment are Chemo, Purple Kush, Northern Lights and Hindu Kush.

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