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Buying cannabis at a shop, one may notice that strains are divided into three different groups namely: sativa, indica and hybrid. Indica strains are popular for physical sedation and its therapeutic effects. While sativas provides one with more uplifting, invigorating cerebral effects that goes so well with social gatherings and other physical activities. Hybrids on the other hand is in between the sativa-indica spectrum depending on traits inherited from parent strains.

Due to the observed differences, patients who use cannabis to take care of their medical conditions may consider a strain’s classification. Patients suffering from depression or fatigue may use sativa in the day and another treating insomnia and pain will go for indica strain at night. High-CBD strains are recommended and preferred by patients curing pain, seizures and some other conditions, it may offer little or no psychoactive effects.

Origin of Indica, Sativa and Hybrids

Hybrid came about by mixing genetics from different geographical locations and since the growers have adopted this techniques because of its resin production and structure. Indicas are known to originate from Hindu Kush region close to Afghanistan where thick coats of resin are produced against harsh climate and conditions, while sativas flourish in temperate areas nearer to the equator.

Sativa vs. Indica Breakdown

Asides the difference in geographical locations, indica and sativa cannabis strains have many other unique qualities:

  • Flavor: Sativa and Indica strains are likely to have different flavor profiles.
  • Morphology: sativa and indica plants have different appearance.
  • Yields: Strains of indica produces heavier yields than that of sativa.
  • Flowering time: indica plants have a shorter maturation cycle than sativa plants.

Sour Diesel vs. Bubba Kush Cannabis Effects

One’s expectation has a major role to place as regards the experience had with any given strain however the consistency is not important. Expectations however are over-generalized a times, the two cannabis compounds i.e. terpenes and cannabinoids are the most potent when it comes to getting high. CBD and THC are cannabinoids with molecular structures with their medical benefits and unique properties. Terpenes are secreted aromatic oils in cannabis resin that control the effects of cannabinoids which have their peculiar effects. By this, cannabis strains are the totality of smaller parts that is likely to be passed on genetically, this further explains the consistency in strain types but variation is still feasible.

Taking Blue Dream as an example, because of its sativa-dominant genetics users expect Blue Dream to make them feel energized and uplifted. An indica-like phenotype can be discovered or strain that expresses attributes associated often with indica i.e. the therapeutic effects, a bushier plant structure and a shorter flowering period. Method of growing affects strain’s cannabinoid and terpene contents, also either of these compound may more or less result to different physical vibrations.

Upon more studies conducted, the understanding of cannabis classification is most likely to evolve as we absorb what chemical configuration will make out of the effects of sativa and indica.

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