If you ask any frequent Cannabis user the difference between a Sativa and an Indica, they will immediately tell you that Indica is preferred for a night time use due to its ability to encourage deep sleep, a sense of calm and pain relieving effects. Whereas Sativa’s are mostly used during the daytime to provoke creativity, feelings of euphoria and happiness.

Hybrids of these two strains were developed to highlight specific character traits of each, birthing epic Cannabis combinations. Each strain that has been cross bred differs widely; some are 50/50, 60/40 and even 90/10 – it really all depends on what the grower is looking to achieve. For example, if someone wanted the healing abilities of an Indica without the couch-lock that can sometimes be associated with this strain, they may mix it 50/50 with a Sativa to off set the drowsy and tired feelings. Now you have a flower that can not only relax your body and numb pain, but there is a happy feeling associated with the high rather then the desire to crawl into bed.

Sometimes mother nature beats us to this idea and strains nicknamed ‘LAND RACERS’ are found and used. These are Cannabis plants that grow wild and freely in the specific regions (Afghanistan being one), that have changed over time, merging with each other, and on their own. In this way they become slightly different variations of themselves.

Since Hybrid plants have become the most popular and accessible for users to attain, growers are continually combining strains and creating new breeds for consumers to sample. Additionally, these plants are the easiest to grow (and often have the earliest flowering periods) and contain the highest of the three categories (Sativa, Indica and Hybrid) in THC.

Now Cannabis users can smoke their bud from all over the world with these cross-breeds (Haze from Jamaica, Kush coming from the mountains, and Durban hailing from Asia.) Either way, the last two decades of growers spawning their trichome dense weed-babies isn’t going anywhere, and will lead us into a legalized Cannabis industry here in Canada.

The most popular Hybrid strains in British Columbia currently are White Widow (by a long shot), Pink Kush (especially for medical patients), and Bubba Kush for all of our recreational users.

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