How Cannabis and CBD can help you quit Tobacco or Nicotine Addiction

Tobacco smoking is one of the habits that do not only cause serious health problems but also leads to addiction. Tobacco contains many harmful chemicals that can cause both long-term and short-term health effects such as respiratory infections, cancer, heart diseases, and infertility. However, it is interesting that although cannabis has been long considered as a drug abuse, there are several bio-medical literatures that indicate cannabis can be used to treat addictions. In particular, Cannabidiol (CBD) can be used to help smokers to quit as reported in several studies.

In particular, one of the studies that were published in 2013 regarding addictive behaviours showed that CBD can reduce the consumption of tobacco. This study focused on 24 smokers who wanted to quit and they were given either a CBD inhaler or placebo over a week. The results showed that those who received the CBD inhaler showed at least 40% decrease in the amount of cigarettes smoked in a day (Green Tank Technologies, 2018). Those who used placebo inhalers did not show any difference in the quantity of cigarettes smoked daily. Therefore, this is to say that CBD has anti-addiction properties and can be used as an option for treating tobacco addiction. The WHO reports that at least 7 million people die because of cigarette-related complications, while death toll caused by cannabis remains at zero (Troy, 2018).

Currently, it has been elucidated that among active smokers, CBD plays a significant role in reducing cravings, withdrawal symptoms, and smoking cues (Green Tank Technologies, 2018). Please check out our wide variety of High CBD products, as well as our vapes, shatters, and buds which will contain CBD in various amounts as well! Now that cannabis is legal and publicly accepted is the best time to curb your tobacco or nicotine addiction.


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