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Both marijuana (also known as pot, ganja, or weed) and hashish – belongs to the cannabis sativa plant. The main difference between these two is that the word ‘weed’ generally applies to the drier parts of the plant, mostly flower buds, while hashish is just a paste from the plant’s sap or resin. Hash possesses a very high concentration of psychoactive chemicals.


Marijuana vs hashish comparison chart

Introduction The cured and dried flowers of a female is prepared from the cannabis plant and it is intended to be used as medicine and a psychoactive drugHashish, mostly known as ‘hash,’ is a product of cannabis composed of purified or compressed preparations of trichomes – a stalked resin gland
Legality in the States Schedule one drug under the United States Federal Law. However, medical pot is legal in twenty-nine states which includes the territories of Puerto Rico and Guam, and the Columbia District. As of November 6, 2017, eight states have legalized its recreational use.It is illegal under the States’ federal law
Ingestion Insufflation: Vaporization through vape pens.

Combustion through bongs, cigarettes, pipes, wraps etc. Creams, transdermal patches, and edibles are used.  

Smoking, vaporizing, eating
Form Hashish cured and dried flowerPaste or semi-solid
Active Tetrahydrocannabinol Tetrahydrocannabinol
Deviation of Cannabis plant Cannabis plant
Name origin Latin American Arabic America



Most cultures share believe that marijuana has physical and spiritual benefits. According to modern scientific studies, THC lessens the pain and nausea connected to diseases such as cancer and AIDS. THC might also help in mediating signs of glaucoma.

For most people, they use marijuana mainly for recreational purpose, as it prompts euphoria in consumers. Physically, it isn’t possible to get overdosed using either weed or hash, like users do when using like cocaine or alcohol. However, making use of the large volume of either weed or hash could cause anxiety, panic, and extreme paranoia.

Both hashish and weed are prescribed for medical cannabis patient to help treat different symptoms, which includes nausea, depression, anxiety, pain, and swelling.


Because the hashish is highly concentrated with THC, only a minimal amount is required to achieve the same level of highness as with marijuana. Although hash might differ in quality (to get your quality hash or weed in areas like Calgary AB, Kelowna BC, Vernon BC, Vancouver BC, you can visit boutiquecannabis.ca) because of the producer and the plant it was gotten from; generally, users should consume a very moderate quantity so they can guide against any bad psychoactive effect.


Smoking weed does have bad effects on the body of its user, which causes tar to grow on the lungs and can lead to specific kinds of cancer. Both weed and hashish have a very alike bad effect on short-term memory. Although there isn’t any evidence that supports the claim that the use of either weed or hashish is physically addictive – there aren’t any withdrawal symptoms occur from putting an end to usage – they are however habitually addictive, which causes the user to feel the need to use because it’s already a habit.

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