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Nuggets discs balles de Cannabis Hash sur une table

High-Grade Medicinal Moroccan Cannabis Hash

Cannabis Hash, also sometimes known as Hashish, is made up of compressed resin glands known as trichomes (crystals that coat the Cannabis flower). Hash is pressed into sticky discs or bricks that contain the same active ingredients as marijuana (THC) but in a much stronger and potent form, with enhanced flavor profiles.

Hand press kit for making home made cannabis hash discs

Freshly Pressed Organic Marijuana Hash

The most popular way for Hash to be prepared is to have it made into a solid disc, usually by taking the powder and putting it in a weighted press. Most users will break off a small chunk and add it into a bong in combination with Cannabis to create a slow burning coal for smoking.

In some cases, the purification process for Hash is a little different and water is used. In this case, the Hash is known as “Bubble Hash.” Depending on the solvent left over through the purification process, this more paste-like Hash can be varying colours.

Hash has come a long ways since the 1960’s when it first made noticeable strides within the Cannabis community. Before some forward thinking Hippies brought this into the mainstream, Hash was only made and available in Morocco.

brick of high a grade Cannabis hash canada

Buy Mail Order Weed Hash Brick

Just like Cannabis strains, Hash has a large array of colours, tastes, textures and potencies. If you want to know that you’re smoking something that is considered A Grade, the Hash should instantly start to bubble and boil, oil instantly appearing when a flame is held to it.