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Black Tuna Shatter (BC King)

Blue Cheese Shatter (BC King)

CO2  Vape Top : recharge de 1g pour atomiseur (Secret Garden Extracts)

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DB x WW Shatter (Taste of BC)


Death Bubba Shatter (BC King)

Death Star Live Resin (Nextracts) 1G

Fire OG Live Resin Budder (Nextracts) 1G

Fire OG Shatter (Taste of BC)


Girl Scout Cookies Shatter (Taste of BC)


Isolat de CBD 1g

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Kandy Kush Shatter (BC King)

Kosher Kush Shatter (House of Glass)

Mars OG Shatter (BC King)

Obama Kush Shatter (BC King)

Pitbull Shatter (BC King)

Power Plant Live Resin Budder (Nextracts) 1G

Skywalker OG Terp Sauce (Nextracts) 1G

Slurricane Diamonds (1g)

THC Distillate Vape Atomizer (Next Level) 0.5g

Vapo  jetable 0.5ml

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White Rhino Shatter (BC King)

Yoda OG Shatter (BC King)