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Five Ways to Dose and Enjoy High-THC Cannabis Edibles


Five Ways to Dose and Enjoy High-THC Cannabis Edibles

With different cannabis-infused edibles on the market many consumers have little idea of how much of product to consume. With the help of properly labeled products people can learn to be self-disciplined and prevent accidental overdosing. It’s all fun and games until you go from feeling like a rock-star to feeling like a rock. Some examples of these cannabis-infused edibles includes; peanut butter bites, banana bread mini muffins, and peach tarts.

The following tips will help you better comprehend edible dosage and what can be ingested. Below are five ways to dose and enjoy high-THC cannabis edibles;

  1. Carefully read through the package and dosage instructions: most edible cannabis products on the market will label the amount of THC in milligrams. With 10 milligrams being the acceptable dose, it is advisable for a low-tolerance consumer to start with 5 milligrams. It might seem like a simple tip but you always have the option to cut your piece in half if you are concerned that the dosage may be to high. Start small and leave your superhero costume in the closet. Halloween was last week.                                                                      
  2. Take into consideration your tolerance: commencing with a little dose is a safe idea, particularly if you haven’t ingested or used cannabis in a while. Consumers who use cannabis on a frequent basis may take larger doses of one or two 10 mg cannabis infused cookies or gummies. Whether you are a frequent cannabis user or a first timer reliable dosing, in small amounts, permits one to be more accurate with the high. In the future it will become less difficult to decipher the perfect amount when digesting multiple doses.
  1. Consider the contents in your stomach: be mindful of how much you have eaten or drank before medicating. If you want to snack on these edibles on an empty stomach it is best to start with half a dose. Moderation is key, especially if you have consumed alcohol. The combination of alcohol and edible cannabis can significantly increase the concentration of THC in the blood.
  2. Be patient and practice restraint: Although it is considered to be edible, it is very imperative to note that snacking mindlessly on any cannabis-incorporated edibles is strongly discouraged. It is recommended to take a 10 mg or 5 mg portion depending on your tolerance and wait it out. Restrain yourself from snacking on the other edibles till you notice the effects of the first dose are beginning to wear off. You could decide to wait for an hour or two depending on your body’s metabolism, thereafter, you may decide to ingest another. It is never a bad idea to snack on non-cannabis foods while high. Here are some of our favourites:
  • Pizza – Anything but anchovies
  • Miss Vickie’s – Salt and Vinegar  
  • Ice Cream – Is there really a poor choice?
  1. Be in a comfortable or cozy place: these edibles are portable but it’s always best to be in a comfortable area to consume it. As a newbie we recommend you pop these edibles in the comfort of your home. Being with people who can help you track how much you have consumed and assist you when IF experience any distress is always a good idea. Cozy up, play a game, listen to music or watch a movie. Here are a few suggestions:
  • Movies on Netflix – Super Troopers, Step Brothers, Pitch Perfect
  • Music – Bob Marley, Khalid, Foo Fighters, The Beatles
  • Games to Play – Pictionary, Cards Against Humanity, Catan

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