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Cannabis Business Funding Canada

You have come to the right place if you are looking for a loan, startup funding, venture capital, seed money, or to sell your Canadian Marijuana business! We can ensure access to lines of credit at the bank, or cash that you may need to grow your business during these next critical months here in Canada. Lending rates differ and we are also interested in partnering with your company as a small equity owner, or purchasing your company outright.

Startup funding is an area in the Cannabis industry that can leave potential ideas untouched. Due to a lack of funds many ideas do not become reality. Sometimes those ideas become realities for others. This is because they had the funds necessary to change something from simple conception into reality.

If you own or operate a cannabis business in Canada or are looking to open a business in the industry, and are in need of funding, is here to help. There’re many venture funding options available as well as Angel Investors looking for cannabis businesses in Canada to invest in.

With the legalization of marijuana happening in places around the globe, the green industry of marijuana business is one that is ever growing. The marijuana industry is being dubbed as the Green Rush by many.

As this industry is set to see substantial growth in Canada as well as other places around the world, the funding options currently accessible will begin to diminish. This will be due to more businesses and companies competing for these funds. can connect you with Angel Investors looking to invest in existing businesses as well as new companies in this market. Not only can connect you with Angel Investors and provide resources on Venture Funding options also offers funding options as well as options to outright purchase cannabis businesses in Canada. That’s right, we will buy your business!

If you’re interested in the funding options available or the services offered by, don’t hesitate, contact us today. We will ask that you submit a business plan for us to review.

After our initial email contact, there will be a telephone interview as well as a quality assurance investigation. If you are chosen to receive funding one of the last steps will be an in-person meeting.

Investing in your endeavours in the Cannabis industry by pursuing your goals can help solidify a financial stability for your future and the years to come. is proud to be a part of helping structure the future of tomorrow, creating a better environment for all of Canada and the world around.

When you need startup funding for your cannabis business in Canada, the best way to accomplish this goal is by contacting today. Together we can bring Cannabis to all Canadians and spread positivity.