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Drink Your Marijuana

Cuddle up with a cup of weed-infused MeadowSweet tea. Or spike your favourite soda with THC Tincture.

Drink Your Marijuana.

We offer discreet solutions for ingestion of your medicine.

If you can remember from our recent blog explaining the difference between Eating Vs. Smoking Weed, when cannabis is orally ingested it causes a totally different experience. THC is metabolized in the liver when eaten, which provides a more intense effect than if you were to smoke marijuana. The effect is delayed, but is stronger and lasts twice as long.



CanaDrank THC Tincture is a sugar-free, grape flavoured concentrate that is made from Indica and Indica-dominant hybrid strains. It is highly potent and can be ingested straight from the bottle, served on ice or mixed with any flavoured drink.



MeadowSweet Herbs bring us a variety of teas for a variety of ailments. Each package makes at least 22 servings of carefully selected organic ingredients.



Anti-Inflammatory Tea

Indica-Dominant Hybrid
110 mg THC / 110 mg CBD per bag
Pain relief and anti-psychotic






Chocolate Drink

Indica/Sativa Blend
220 mg THC per bag
Provides long lasting energy






Happy Tea

Sativa/Indica Blend
220 mg THC per bag
Provides euphoric buzz






Sleep Easy

220 mg THC per bag





Women’s Tea – Period Pain Relief

Indica/Sativa Blend
220 mg THC per bag
Supports the liver, adrenals and digestion
Pain relief and stress management




Meadowsweet Protein Powder


Vegan Protein Powder

Indica/Sativa Blend
220 mg THC per bag
Nourishing and restorative


How to Prepare MeadowSweet Herbs Teas:

  1. Shake bag to mix all ingredients evenly.
  2. Boil water and mix 1 tsp tea with 1 1/4 cups water.
  3. Steep for 10 minutes.
  4. MeadowSweet Herbs Teas are already naturally sweet. 

May take 1-2 hours for THC to take effect. Please enjoy responsibly.

MeadowSweet Herbs Tea can also be steeped, then cooled and served with ice! Try adding honey for an immune-boosting and refreshing sweet treat.

Enjoy with some tasty mail-order edibles as well! We suggest: “AAAA” THC Almond Brittle, “AAAA” Coconut Fudge Nugs, Chocolate Peanut Butter Treats, CBD Mint Chocolate Snaps, or Chocolate Banana Bread Mini Muffins. Mmmmm…. Or make your own baked goods using Medicated Coconut Budder!


Edibles are to be kept out of reach of children and pets.

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