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Chronic Pain Management and Medical Marijuana

Chronic pain lasts longer than 6 months and can be continuous or intermittent (on and off) with varying intensity. It can come on as a result of accidents or injuries, surgeries, or as a symptom of conditions such as Cancer, Multiple Sclerosis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, HIV and more.

Studies have shown that up to 55% of people experience chronic pain.

Chronic pain is often improperly treated for patients. This may be due to the fact that people who experience it typically also have high rates of anxiety, depression and sleep disorders such as insomnia. These symptoms can be vague, overlap, and muddy the waters. Overlapping of symptoms makes it difficult to find which problem is causing another when looking for a diagnosis. This is why it is most important to get on top of pain before treating additional symptoms.

Pain, anxiety and poor sleep can cause depression;
and vice versa.

Chronic pain overweight_weight_loss_cannabis_boutique_mail_order_marijuana

Adding on to the problem is the fact that pain causes people to become unhappy and less active. Consequently, this often results in overeating and weight gain. Extra weight can be a major burden on our joints and vital organs, making it difficult to function optimally.


Getting pain under control before it reaches its peak



Chronic pain management can be difficult. Every person responds uniquely to both pain and treatments. It is always in our best interest to have pain managed before it gets to its worst.



Thanks to long-acting cannabis products such as edibles and capsules, we are able to help keep your pain under control so that you can operate comfortably.

Products such as edible CO2 Distillate, cannabis oil, cannabis capsules, and tinctures are metabolized slower in the body. Slower metabolism allows a longer-acting effect, and the metabolized THC is also twice as effective as smoked marijuana.

Chronic pain back_pain_Mail_order_marijuana_cannabis_boutique

Medical marijuana by mail-order allows you to take more time to care for yourself rather than commuting to the nearest dispensary. With our new direct debit option payments are easier than ever.

We are very thankful for the cannabis community. It provides amazing social support to people who experience a magnitude of symptoms. Support from loved ones and a positive mindset are essential in chronic pain management.

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