Celebrating Chinese New Year in Vancouver Canada with Cannabis

Celebrating Chinese New Year in Vancouver Canada With Cannabis

On January 28th, 2017, The Chinese New Year, Year of the Rooster will begin!

Canada is set for an epic celebration to commemorate this glorious event. The Chinese believe in zodiac signs and the significance they play in your life is a deep belief. Just like the zodiac is an important part of Chinese history, so is cannabis. Let’s take a look at how they both have been a part of history and how the two intertwine.

Chinese folklore says if you’re born in this year your lucky numbers are 8, 7, and 5 and your unlucky numbers are 9, 3 and 1. Your lucky colors are yellow, gold, and brown, while your unlucky color is red. Your personality is one that is hard-working, courageous and confident. Also, honest, amusing and observant.

You’re known for being popular amongst your friends and to be a charmer. Some of the best career paths for the Rooster are surgeons, athletes, teachers, journalists, soldiers, and restaurant owners. You’ll find love with an ox or a snake in the zodiac symbols that are compatible with the rooster. Horse, Pig, Rabbit and Rat are supposed to be your opposites when it comes to love.

Getting Things Ready for The Year of the Rooster

The Chinese New Year symbolizes a time of renewal. One that’s spent cleaning and redecorating to create a peaceful and pleasing environment for ushering in the new year. The ceremonies take place over a period of 15 days. They include everything from historical Lion Dancers to lamp making festivities and more. There’ll be no shortage of food, live entertainment, culture, heritage, or history to celebrate the Chinese New Year.

Like in America, the Chinese helped build the railroad across Canada. In the early eighteen-hundreds when Chinese immigrants began arriving in Vancouver to build the railroads, they settled on the outskirts of Vancouver. That area has grown into what we know today as Vancouver’s Chinatown.

The Chinese Canadian population makes up an estimated 4% of the total Canadian population. There’s over 1.3 million Chinese Canadians in Canada. Metro Vancouver and the greater Toronto area have the highest populations. This also makes these areas the center for festivities attracting not only Chinese but also, others from around the world during the Chinese New Year.

2017 Year of the Rooster Chinese New Year Vancouver CanadaThe Chinese Cannabis Culture Goes Way Back

Cannabis has been considered a medicine by the Chinese for a long time and Canadian cannabis is sure to be a part of the Chinese New Year celebration this year more than in the past. Why you may ask? There’s an easy answer for this. It’s thanks to progression in positive cannabis reform across Canada. Are you asking yourself how cannabis and the Chinese New Year tie in together?

If so, partake in this wisdom about the Chinese culture and cannabis. More Canadians have access to cannabis than ever, thanks to the ACMPR and civil acts of disobedience by the citizens of Canada. Instead of heavy drinking, many will choose to bring in this ceremonious event with cannabis. The next 15 days shouldn’t represent a loss of memory or daily hangovers. Instead, a renewal of energy and positive beginning to the new year are the goals.

Fu Hsi, a Chinese emperor in 2900 BC referenced cannabis as a popular medicine containing both yin and yang. In an essence, this means harmony and balance. The Chinese recognized the medical attributes of cannabis long before many other cultures. Fast-forward to 1500 BC, in a book called Rh-Ya. Here you’ll find the earliest recorded reference of medical cannabis in the Chinese pharmacopeia.

Pen Ts’ao Ching is the oldest reference book of the Chinese pharmacopeia or herbal pharmacopeia and was put together around 1 AD. Cannabis is referenced for treating more than a hundred ailments ranging from but not limited to dementia, malaria, and gout.

140-280 AD Hua Tuo was said to have been the first person to utilize cannabis as an anesthetic. The herb has been a part of spiritual and religious ceremonies, praised for its medicinal attributes, and utilized in industry. Cannabis has been used in making many different products such as oils, ropes, and more for centuries in China.

Celebrate the Chinese New Year in Canada With Cannabis

The year of the rooster is set to see an epic celebration in Chinatown located in Vancouver British Columbia Canada. This is for many, the cultural hub of celebration for the Chinese New Year. With entertainment, food, activities, and the Chinese New Year parade in Vancouver’s Chinatown, the streets will come alive with culture and celebration.

An epic gathering of traditional Lion Dancers will take to the streets in what is quite possibly the largest gathering of its kind in all of Canada. This January 28th and 29th, get ‘High’ spirited. Join the festivities celebrating the year of the Rooster with craft Canadian cannabis in Vancouver’s Chinatown!

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