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CBD: The Answer To Achieving Natural Pain Relief

Cannabis has many therapeutic benefits that are useful in managing pain. The CBD contained in marijuana plants has many positive physical effects such as the alleviation of  nausea and inflammation, as well as mental health benefits like helping fight anxiety and depression.

On top of that, CBD neutralizes drowsiness as well as memory loss that can be associated with THC. It can also be used to treat psychosis, epileptic disorders and chronic pain.

Many products that you can order online at Boutique Cannabis will help you better manage pain with marijuana.

Is it possible to consume marijuana for medicinal purposes, while avoiding the high associated with cannabis consumption?

Absolutely, and CBD is the answer.

There are two main strains of cannabis: indica and sativa, which produce the pharmacological substances known as tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD). Studies demonstrate that CBD acts on the specific receptors involved with anxiety and pain. Researchers were able to extrapolate the exact dose of CBD with analgesic and anxiolytic properties without the euphoria typically produced by THC. In plain english, science has made it possible to isolate the medicinal benefits of CBD that treats anxiety and pain, without the euphoric effects of THC.. 

How to use CBD to relieve pain:

There are many ways to consume, apply or dab it and each product can have many uses from cooking to cosmetics!

Pure CBD

The CBD isolate is a crystalline powder that contains only CBD. All the vegetal substances contained in the hemp plant, including oils, waxes, chlorophyll, and so on, are removed, thus offering a finished product containing CBD and nothing more. The CBD isolate offers all of its advantages without any trace of THC. This isolated version is excellent for people who are worried about the presence of THC in their system.

Not to mention, it has no flavour or smell

  • Place it directly under your tongue, keep it there for about 60 seconds. The CBD will then be distributed into the blood system via the mucous membranes to provide the desired relief.
  • You can infuse CBD isolate into either grape seed or olive oil to create your own CBD oil. This CBD oil can then be consumed by allowing it to dissolve under the tongue to achieve the desired effects.

When cooking with CBD isolates, it is better to avoid cooking the CBD at over 350°F as this could cause it to lose its therapeutic properties.

CBD isolate can also be mixed with skin oils to create a balm and applied on sore muscles to relieve inflammation and on joints to treat arthritic pain. One of our favourites is this CBD medicated coconut oil.

  • You can mix it in your morning drink, coffee, tea, juice or even smoothie: It will perfectly blend into your liquid, offering additional health benefits to an already healthy way to start the day.
  • Make a CBD sweetener: by heating honey or agave in a bain-marie, then mix your CBD isolate until it dissolves completely. Use this infused sweetener on toast, in your tea or coffee to your liking.

The pure CBD distillate

Next Level CBD oil is derived from high quality organic cannabis plants that provide natural well-being benefits and improve overall health. 

You can add a dose of this oil to your usual massage product to enhance it with the benefits of CBD. Or create your own recipe and add other anti-inflammatory essential oils such as sage, wintergreen, clove or lavender. Like all medicinal plants, the benefits of cannabis can be combined with other plants to provide a multi-functional and even more effective remedy!

CBD Coconut Oil

Our CBD medicated coconut oil is manufactured by Taste of BC and contains 125 mg of CBD per bar. The infused coconut oil  is organic, natural, laboratory-tested, gluten-free, vegan and solvent-free. Made with CBD distillate, the only other ingredient is cold-pressed natural coconut oil. The healing properties of cannabis, as well as the proven medical benefits of coconut oil in the treatment of cancer and other ailments, make this product very powerful.

It can be added discreetly to your morning coffee, pastries or any other food you can think of. It is incredibly versatile, healing and healthy. 

It can be used directly on the skin as a cream to relieve  muscular pain and dermatological inflammation.

Infused Candy, that’s good for you too!

Candy can be good for you! Our delicious dab candies should be savoured and  are easily breakable to give you the ideal dose of CBD to dab.

Next Level Distillate Vape Atomizers can be found in flavours such as orange, lemon pie or menthol! They are compatible with most vapes and are really pleasant way to relieve aches, pains and muscle tension!

Edibles for sweet pain-relieving snacks:

Chocolate Chip Cookie 80gm CBD

Ginger Cookie 80gm CBD

Bird’s Nest Cookies 80mg CBD

Mini Gummy Bears

THC infused Herbal Tea

If the psychoactive effects of THC do not overwhelm you, then you’ll love MeadowSweet tea, an anti-inflammatory blend of medicinal herbs made from oat straw, dandelion leaf, parsley, horsetail, red clover, meadowsweet and of course cannabis, a mixture of Indica and Sativa. It may take 1 to 2 hours to feel the effects of this tea.

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