Cannabis oils rich in CBD Cannabidiol

Cannabis oils rich in CBD (Cannabidiol)

Users of Cannabis are only now beginning to understand how all 60 cannabinoids within the plant itself can effect the body. One that is not as well known but growing in popularity, is called CBD. CBD or Cannabidiol, may not sound as exciting or as useful as THC because CBD does not give the users a ‘high’ feeling but there are other benefits to it that far outweigh that drawback.

This is ideal for people in the medical field who have patients who are suffering with seizures, pain, anxiety and want relief without feeling lethargic, couch locked or ‘high.’

The government financed several research groups focused on learning the benefits of CBD and now use concentrates to treat all kinds of conditions; arthritis, diabetes, chronic pain, PTSD, depression and epilepsy just to name a few.

With this new knowledge, users are taking it upon themselves to learn about and pick strains high in CBD for their own personal use. Since Cannabis has no lethal dose or concerning side effects, parents are taking things into their own hands and finding quality strains of CBD rich plants and giving safe doses to their children. Those who are struggling with Dravet’s Syndrome – a severe and debilitating form of epilepsy are especially benefiting.

Success stories are surfacing about the effectiveness of CBD rich strains like Charlottes Web, UBC Chemo and Catatonic. It is theorized that Indica strains (those known for pain relief and the ‘high’ feeling) contain more CBD but it really all depends on how the plant is grown.

Cannabis CBD Cannabidiol Infographic for Medical Uses

Cannabis CBD Infographic