The Complete CO2 Vape Pen Kit with Atomizer Refill (Secret Garden Extracts)

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The Complete CO2 Vape Pen Kit with Vape Top Atomizer Refill by Secret Garden Extracts is the complete, ready-to-use vaping package! You will receive the CO2 Vape Top: Atomizer Refill as well as the CO2 Vape Pen Kit.

Purchasing these items together saves you $5.00!


Included in this order:

1) One CO2 Vape Top: Atomizer Refill 1g by Secret Garden Extracts, and you can select your strain.

2) One rechargeable Vape Pen Kit from Secret Garden Extracts are a great and affordable option for the vape-lover! The Vape Pen Kit comes complete with the vape pen itself as well as a USB-adaptable charger for easy charging via your computer or iPhone charger base. This product is compatible, and should be bought in conjunction a CO2 Vape Top: Atomizer Refill, also made by Secret Garden Extracts.

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Additional information


Alaskan Ice, Super Lemon Haze, Lemon Drop, Pink Diablo Kush, Watermelon Kush, Blueberry Kush, Gelato, Death Bubba, Lindsay OG, Bruce Banner, Thin Mint Cookies

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