THC and CBD Bath Bombs (Taste of BC)

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How it Works:

We have an endocannabinoid system, and in our skin are  CB1 and CB2 Nerve receptors, which the cannabinoids, in the cannabis/hemp plant attach to. They send a signal to the brain, to quiet the pain. DMSO is a topical application used for pain relief and sports injuries, and it also makes the cannabis molecule break down to a smaller size, therefore penetrating deeper into the dermal layers of the skin.

Soften and soothe your skin, uplift and refresh your senses, ease the pain and let it go with this incredible medicated bath bomb with DMSO! This is fantastic for psoriasis too!!




Aluminum Free Sodium Bicarbonate, GMO Free Corn Starch, Epsom Salt, Citric Acid, Dead Sea Salt, Himalayan Pink Salt, CBD , THC, DMSO (makes them transdermal), therapeutic grade essential oils, sugar sprinkles and decorations.

Each bath bomb have 25 ml of THC and 26 ml of cbd (the package comes with 3 bath bombs)



Blackberry charcoal infused

Melon strawberry infused

Coconut bliss

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