Relaxation Kit


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Treat yourself to this fabulous rest and relaxation kit featuring some of our favourite Omni Botanicals products.


Melt Bath Salts

MELT into a tranquil bath that can help to soothe aches and pains, promoting optimum relaxation. Place 4 heaping spoons (1/4 cup) of salt into hot bath and soak for 15 minutes.

Contains a total of 200mg of THC per package.

Orgasm Oil

OMNI’s Orgasm Oil is condom friendly and gentle on the skin. With aromatic notes of lavender, traces of ginger and peppermint that tantalize the senses. This lubricant stimulates blood ow and heightens sensitivity intensifying the experience for both parties.

Omni Roll On (1 per kit)

MINT – A refreshing and therapeutic blend of essential oils and THC distillate that helps soothe tension headaches and pain from achy muscles. With the anti inflammatory properties of Rosemary and a blend similar to the OMNI Pain Cream, MINT stimulates circulation and reduces head- aches to bring sweet soothing relief and relaxation.

UNWIND – The OMNI Unwind roll-on is a calming and soothing combination of essential oils including lavender, chamomile and myrtle. Roll on temples, pressure points or bottom of feet. Great for all day use to help relieve tension and ease anxiety.

Pain Cream

OMNI Pain Cream offers relief from tired and painful joints and muscles. A blend of 137mg of fully activated THC and powerful essential oils, including peppermint and arnica. The OMNI Pain Cream is absorbed through the skin to reduce infammation, relax swelling, and relieve pain.


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