Pick ‘n’ Mix Edible Box


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Pick ‘n’ Mix Box

SKU: PMIX-1892


Never tried edibles before? Unsure of what to try first? Our edible ‘Pick ‘n’ Mix’ sample box combines some of our favourite and most popular edible items, allowing you to try a little bit of everything! Included are samples of our baked edibles, gummies, sweeteners, tinctures, syrups and more! Each box is packed with delicious products and is well over the retail value worth, allowing you to sample wide variety of yummy treats!


Price Points (Per Box):


BOX A: $100 ($112 value)

  • Canna Spread
  • Gummies x 2
  • Caramels x 3
  • Baked Edibles x 4
  • Dab Candy


BOX B: $200 ($221 value)

  • Canna Spread
  • Gummies x 4
  • Baked Edibles x 6
  • Caramels x 3
  • Dab Candy x 3


BOX C: $300 ($332 value)

  • Canna Spread
  • Tincture
  • Caramels x 6
  • Gummies x 5
  • Dab Candy x 5
  • Baked Edibles x 8
  • Syrup
  • Sweetner



*Allergy alert, please let us know if you are allergic to anything when ordering this sample box, as a few of our edible products contain nuts. During checkout you can mention it in the comments field. We are happy to accommodate your unique and specific needs.

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