Mini Gummie Bears 10-pack (Taste of BC) 10 mg CBD


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TASTE OF BC Gummie Bears 100 mg CO2 Distillate  comes in a  bag with 10 gummies  10mg  CO2 Distillate  per  Gummy. These small sized fruity gummies are bite sized. This gelatine based cannabis candy is lab tested to contains 100mg of C02 distillate   and comes in four  delicious flavours.

This Cannabis Candy TASTE OF BC  (100 mg CO2 DISTILLATE ) is excellent for being able to easily dose yourself, and is highly recommended by Cannabis Medical staff for both recreational and medical patients.

Cannabis Medical Usages: viable option to treat ailments such as Insomnia, stress, pain, inflammation and depression.

Ingredients: sugar, gelatin, adipic acid, sodium phosphate, sodium citrate, artificial and natural flavour.
No preservatives added.


Please keep away from children and store in freezer until use (defrost before consuming).






***Please take into consideration that these products are at risk of melting due to the weather during shipment***

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