Love Potion #9 Buds


Grade: AAAA
Type: Indica Dominant Hybrid
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$35 for 3.5 grams
$70 for 7 grams
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$260 for 28 grams

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Love Potion #9 is an indica dominant hybrid (60% indica/40% sativa) strain created as a cross of the classic Northern Lights #5 X Love Potion #5 strains. This bud has a powerfully high THC level of up to 26% and a taste that will make you fall in love with it again and again. The Love Potion #9 flavor is confusingly delicious ‚Äď it has a milky sweet cheesy base with a hint of sugary mango and grapefruit upon exhale that sweetens with each smoke. The aroma is very much the same, with a sweet cheesy fruity smell with a hint of spicy earth. Love Potion #9 has an insanely powerful effect that hits you immediately in the back of the head, leaving you instantly stoned and completely couch-locked. As you fall into a deep state of introspection, a creeping euphoria will work its way over you, giving you insane waves of creative uplifted energy and focused motivation that completely counteracts the state of couch-lock. Because of these well-balanced effects and its high THC level, Love Potion #9 is perfect for treating conditions such as chronic pain, chronic anxiety or stress, inflammation, and insomnia or night terrors. These nugs have dense and airy foxtail-shaped light minty green nugs with translucent amber hairs and a frosty layer¬†of white crystal trichomes.


Indica Dominant Hybrid 60% Indica / 40% Sativa

Parent: Northern Lights, Love Potion #5

Flavours: Cheesy, Grapefruit, Honey, Sweet

Effects: Cerebral, Euphoria, Focus, Giggly, Happy, Sleepy,Sociable

Medical: Anxiety, Arthritis, ChronicPain, Fibromyalgia, Headaches, Inflammation, Insomnia, Migraines,PTSD, Stress

Potency: THC: 26%



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Additional information


1 gram, 3.5 grams, 7 grams, 14 grams, 28 grams

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