Lindsay OG Flower Rosin (Sultan of Soleventless) 0.5g


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The sultan strives for nothing but the best. fresh and clean material , delicious terpene profiles, and and the passion for turning it into amazing meds for the people. Heady and humble we are here to serve and maintain a higher standard of terpology .

Working with local medical gardens , we are blessed with some amazing material. That being said its thanks to them we are able to craft such fine products, fire in fire out! We aim to please and are always learning and honing our skills to bring you new and unique products.
We press our flowers at 170-190 depending on strain. Never longer than 1min 30 seconds for each press. Using 74 micron screens assuring a clean and delicious product.


Lindsay OG

The Lindsay, an OG Kush named after the town of Lindsay, Ontario, and originated from Chad Jackett’s crew when they first arrived in BC ten years ago. Refined and improved over the years, The Lindsay was entered on behalf of the Cannabis in Canada Society where it placed 2nd among BC’s finest strains. OG Kush makes up the genetic backbone of West Coast cannabis varieties, but in spite of its ubiquity, its origins remain a debatable mystery.

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