Assorted CO2 Distillates (Secret Garden Extracts) 1gram

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Secret Garden Extracts offers potent distillates with great flavorings, which come directly from terpenes extracted from the cannabis plant, allowing for a truly authentic vaping experience.


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CO2 Distillate by Secret Garden Extracts is one of the most pure cannabis concentrate products on the market. Unlike undistilled cannabis oil, distillates are formed using a cannabis extract such as BHO or ethanol, and separating these elements through their boiling points. In this Secret Garden Extracts CO2 distillate, the product is made from supercritical CO2 through an extraction process, which forms a more pure form of CO2 oil. The residual solvents such as plant matter are collected during CO2 extraction and removed as the distillate forms, so that there are no traces of toxic or non-toxic solvents, which could dilute the THC and CBD concentration. Pure THC and CBD is then turned into a highly concentrated CO2 oil, making it well worth the higher price point when compared to other cannabis oil products.

Once inserted into a vape cartridge, this high CBD and THC distillate allows for pure, odourless vaping. Secret Garden Extracts offers great flavorings, which come directly from terpenes extracted from the cannabis plant, allowing for a truly authentic vaping experience.

This cannabis distillate can be used to treat chronic pain and insomnia, along with other illnesses, in which treatments are associated with THC and CBD.

This product is available in a 1ML syringe, which is equal to just over 1g.

Use: This oral syringe is easy to use, and the distillate can be eaten, used in a vape pen, dabbed, smoked, or topically applied with the addition of a cooking oil, for better absorption in the skin.
Similar to: Phoenix Tears, Honey Oil, H2Oil
Medical: Chronic pain relief, insomnia treatment, relaxation
Potency: 94% THC

Additional information

Additional information


Unflavored, Grizzley Purple Kush, Super Lemon Haze, Blueberry Headband, Shishkaberry, Power Plant, Gorilla Glue, Red Congolese, Pink Tahoe, White Widow, Purple Orange Kush, Watermelon Kush, True Power, Pink Diablo, Rockstar, Superman OG, Sour Patch Kiss, 707 Headband, Blueberry Kush, Gods Blue Cheese, Girl Scout Cookies, Gelato, Gods Green Crack, Alien Rock Candy, Sour Patch Kiss, Alaskan Ice, Gorilla Cookies, Grizzly Purple Kush, El Jefe, Snoop Dog Kush, Death Bubba, Wedding Cake, Laughing Budda, Thin Mint Cookies, Purple Dragon Kush

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1 review for Assorted CO2 Distillates (Secret Garden Extracts) 1gram

  1. Matt Andrus
    Rated 5 out of 5

    Matt Andrus (verified owner)

    Tried a few flavors and enjoyed them all!! AAAA+

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