$12.00 per gram strains / One Ounce Bud Sample Box (28g / 1oz.)


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Enjoy a Bud Sample Box, which includes an ounce (28 grams) of an assortment of up to 4 different strains of our boutique cannabis. Or, choose just one if you have a favourite!

This box gives you a great smoking experience while letting you sample a variety of our strains on offer. And it also saves you money in the process!

All 4 of the strains that we select for you will be AAAA Grade quality Cannabis, grown in British Columbia, Canada. You will receive 7 grams of each of the 4 strains, unless you indicate otherwise in the comments section on the checkout page.

We will send a mix of widely varying and delicious strains for you to enjoy.

Alternatively: if you would like to select your own strains within the sample box, please write in those strains in the menu above.

This is top shelf, boutique, hand-grown and hand-trimmed, world class BC cannabis we are talking about here.

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