Cannabis trends 2019

Cannabis trends in 2019: what cannabis products are the most consumed?

From growing innovations, thriving entrepreneurship, and the creation of new jobs, the legalization of cannabis has enabled a flourishing and dynamic industry by creating countless new business opportunities. Consumers’ habits are also changing and it is their increasing demand that is shaping the growing cannabis industry. Cannabis products’ increase in popularity including consumption in THC, CBD, edible, vaporizers and their increased accessibility promises a bright future for the medical and recreational cannabis industry.

Seniors: more consumers, fewer prescriptions

In Ontario, a CAMH study found that people over 50 years-old who reported cannabis use in the previous year had increased from 1.4% in 1998 to 11.4% in 2017. That’s eight times the use in ten years! The “50s and above” demographic is the fastest growing consumer group. This phenomenon is linked to a significant global increase in the medical use of cannabis since legalization in Canada and certain states in the US.

A 2016 American study revealed that in states where medical marijuanna is legal, elderly people were receiving fewer prescriptions for other medications to treat chronic problems such as depression, anxiety or pain.

For some seniors, CBD-concentrated products, known for their powerful therapeutic effects, are real alternatives to prescription drugs, and have tangible health benefits.

A bright future for edible products in Canada

Deloitte’s most recent survey of the Canadian cannabis industry estimates that 60% of Canadian cannabis users are likely to choose to consume edible products. Pastry products such as brownies and cookies (51%) and chocolate (43%) were by far the edibles that Canadians were most eager to try according to the study.

Greater accessibility that builds trust

The same survey showed that consumers first need to trust the seller they are buying from, that they are more likely to turn to recognized dispensaries. At Boutique Cannabis, we believe that knowledge will help you make a more informed decision. is here to make the growing cannabis industry in Canada more transparent. We offer detailed ingredient and dosage information about all the products you’re buying at our #1 Canadian trusted online cannabis dispensary.

All of the products offered by will include clear information outlining dosage levels, cannabis strains utilized in production and the specifics of what goes into each product.

Featured products

Boutique Cannabis offers a wide range of mail order marijuanna products such as vaporizers and organic edibles that will give you a creative boost as well as physical and mental therapeutic effects.

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