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Cannabis & Sports: How can cannabis benefit athletes?

How can cannabis benefit athletes?

Cannabis is still on the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) list of banned substances, which is why most of the world’s major sports leagues have a zero tolerance policy on this subject. Yet, more and more professional athletes are defending the unique mental and physical health benefits of cannabis. It helps heal athletes more quickly and healthily when the body is their working tool. Cannabis is compatible with a healthy life. It can replace certain prescribed medications, help muscles recovery, soothe pain and inflammation… as medaled athletes confirm it.

Cannabis and health are compatible

As Canadian Olympic snowboard champion, Ross Rebagliati shows us in this video cannabis use is entirely compatible with a healthy lifestyle. The gold medalist consumes mostly edible products such as infused honey. Foods or oils are obvious choices for athletes who do not wish to inhale the toxic products of combustion. This study shows that vaporizers are a healthier method of smoking cannabis. Boutique Cannabis offer a variety of  delicious mail-order organic edibles as well as vaporizers that can be delivered discreetly right to your door anywhere in Canada.  

What are the benefits of cannabis before and after physical activity?


  • after physical effort


Cannabis helps muscle recovery, relaxing muscles allowing more effective stretching. It also acts as a pain reliever that reduces tension without masking any discomfort as drugs do,” explains Ross Rebagliati.


  • before physical effort


Before training, it will stimulate the appetite and build muscle mass.

Before a competition, cannabis can help to be more aggressive. It soothes fear and calms stress, which is useful in extreme sports that generate these emotions. However, it is recommended not to try new exercises, to control frequency and dosage amount because cannabis edibles can have longer and more powerful effects.


  • and the effects of CBD?


CBD strengthens the body’s immune system without psychoactive effects. Its properties also help to increase cognitive performance. Applied as a balm to the muscles, it acts as a powerful anti-inflammatory.

Marijuana present in many sports

In the United States, where the NFL regularly suspends players, retired player Martellus Bennett said that 89% of players regularly use cannabis to fight anxiety, depression that many players suffer from and to help heal concussions that are very common in sport.

Among hockey players, the pattern is the same, according to Riley Riley, retired player of the NHL.

Canadian Football League players told Vice magazine that between 80 and 99% of football players use cannabis.

American swimmer Michael Phelps showed that his use of cannabis did not prevent him from becoming the most decorated Olympic champion in history.

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